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The Fairytale Trend and the ‘Silver Riding Hood’ Who Came to Life


The Fairytale Trend and the ‘Silver Riding Hood’ Who Came to Life 

When I first got a peek at Dolce and Gabbana?s Fall-Winter
2014/15 Collection
?Once upon a time? started echoing inside my head. The designers have managed to recreate the mood of our favourite fairytales, with the models rocking the catwalk in embroidered black mini dresses, with fur hoods touching their backs, and animals staring directly at you from colourful prints placed all over impeccably crafted lace shift

While flicking through the photos I could sense my lips curving upwards in an ironical expression. Dolce and Gabbana have given us the chance to finally bring the much loved fairytales to life. You wanna be the Red Riding Hood? Dress like one. You wanna be a villain? Go for the Maleficent then!
The thing is that ever since a young girl I?ve been drawn into the fairy world of the whimsical tales I?ve been told, Disney movies I?ve watched, stories I?ve read with delight. And though I?ve continuously refused to regard myself as a romantic idealist, looking back, well, my past completely refutes that. Since an early age I?ve been in desperate hunt for profound and mind-boggling emotions, which I guess is one of the reasons behind my primary disinterest in having an intimate relationship when my feelings were mediocre. I reckon I wanted to be Belle… I craved a passionate, overwhelming relationship… I yearned to write a love story worth narrating to my grandchildren.

I found it so difficult understanding people who were all okay being in relationships defined by average feelings, people who dreamt of leading ordinary lives. ‘Like seriously. Why would people  want that for themselves’ I kept on asking myself. I wanted something grander! Something exceptional! Through the prism of my inexperienced eyes, the surroundings were painted in clearly defined patterns – always either in black or white.
If it was ?love? ? it had to be passionate and all-consuming.
If it was a ?party ?? it had to be the wildest and craziest of all. 
If it was a piece of work ?the final product had to be outstanding.

If it was my looks – they had to be impeccable. 

Only if I knew how wrong I was! 
In contrast to the magical world of Snow White and The Beauty and the Beast the world we (luckily) inhibit isn’t painted solely in black and white. And the first time I came to this life-changing realisation was when my first relationship came to an end. I remember how I sat all by myself mulling over the reasons behind its fiasco. Though the feelings him and I had for each other were quite strong, today I could clearly discern all the other things we lacked as a couple such as companionship and the ability to freely communicate.
And while the initial disappointment was quite unbearable (you know, that love wasn’t enough), ironically it eventually sobered me up.
‘Unconditional love’ as put on a pedestal by fairytales is far than enough.

Nor is being a perfect daughter, a perfect colleague, or a perfect partner in life.
In our world ‘perfect’ is a relative term, which depends entirely on one’s understanding of it.
I crave perfection ? but whatever I regard as such may seem anything but perfect to you.
And you know? That’s why the imperfect world we live in is so much more beautiful than the one
crafted by the fairytales we used to read. Your happiness doesn’t depend on Prince Charming or the death of the villain. It depends solely on you.
You can be the prince/princess, the beast, or the peasant and in the process of choosing and playing around with the personality traits you decide to exhibit, you always are YOU.
A colourful creature with one Ultimate Power – to craft its life, its character, its own outstanding story, which while weird for some could be more than enough and perfect according to you.

Well, today to celebrate our Power, I choose to be ‘Silver Riding Hood’, wearing an asymmetrical black dress with silver accents and a huge hood at the back.
Silver accents, because of the brightness of the colour.
Silver because it symbolises awareness, vision, and strength.
Silver, because while it can endure abuse and heat, it can still be moulded into more beautiful and refined forms.
Got it? 🙂
Embrace your Power. Throw on a dress which resembles Cinderella’s one. Dress like Aladdin. Mock the fairytales, as unfortunately for and in contrast to their characters, we have the choice to be anything but flawless and lead anything but extraordinary lives, and yet be perfectly happy and content with that. 
A few suggestions inspired by my outfit of the day and Dolce and Gabbana’s Fairytale Collection:
Mavi Jeans ‘Samantha’ Denim Jacket (Deep Verona) (here)

Vintage blue Girls jacquard embroidered dress (here)

Matisse Coconuts by Matisse ‘Jed’ Bootie (here)

Halogen® ‘Date Night’ Asymmetrical Flap Clutch (here)
From Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall-Winter 2014/15 Collection: 



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