Quality time with oneself.

Stepping Into The New With A Question For You

I was going through my blog during the night. I couldn’t really sleep because of the upcoming labour – and the anxiety that comes with it… My anxiety tripled when I realised that I have completely abandoned writing since I launched my YouTube channel. And I was wondering whether you would like me to get back to blogging and start publishing blog posts again. 
Yesterday Philip and I went for a walk – my body desperately needed to get some fresh air as now the only activity I tend to do is walking. I quit exercising a few days ago as I could clearly feel that labour is approaching and I have no interest in forcing my baby to come out earlier. I’m already week 38 so I’m officially full-term and I’m allowed (hehe) to give birth pretty much whenever. This does not mean I will not miss being pregnant and my baby bump – so Philip and I took a few shots, probably the last ones before I actually give birth. Hooray! 
So that’s me – 9 months pregnant. Excited. Colourful and anticipating with great excitement to start on that new chapter in my life. Maybe it will be tough and overwhelming at the beginning – but one thing Philip and I cannot live without is having something exciting happening mmm…all the time. We embrace change with open arms and walk ahead with a head held high.  And because I have so much footage from my pregnancy that I never got to publish, would you be interested in reading more about my second pregnancy in retrospect?
And if not – what would you want me to write about?
Motivation? Day-to-day life? Or maybe share more outfit of the day posts?
Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Bag from Ivalo.com by Clémence Flane (here)
Use code ANTOINETTE20 to get 20€ off your bill at check out.
Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana from Leonardo Optics (here)
Dress by Mohito
Shoes New Balance
Watch by Cluse Use code ANTOINETTE to get a free strap for your watch


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