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The Countdown Has Begun: 7 Weeks Left

Polaroid Picture Frame: feels like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant and here we are only 7 weeks before finally saying ‘Hi’ to Sofia-Malou and giving her a thousand kisses. Looking back I have to admit – it’s been a crazy, mind-blowing journey with me finding it incredibly difficult to accept that new life’s been growing inside me (hence my ongoing hyperactivity over the last 8 months that now I’m finally trying to tone down). But beside the overwhelming joy that the thought of becoming a mother has brought me, it’s also made me quite anxious. I’ve spent a great deal of time envisioning Philip’s and I mutual life after becoming parents, with my mind bombarding me with questions like ‘Are we ever gonna be the same?’, ‘Will our baby make us grow closer to each other than before?’, ‘Do I have what it takes to be a mom and raise a child?’ The list goes on and on, but the more I mull over it – the fewer answers I find.
But then I also know that a lot of them depend solely on me and the way I choose to handle the situation after giving birth. So every time I start feeling anxious – I go out for a walk to distract myself and let my mind focus on something else. Deep in my heart I know that the best is yet to come, but my rational mind just refuses to allow me to enjoy to the max the last moments of being on the verge of becoming a ‘mom’.
Have you also felt anxious near the end of your first pregnancy? How did things turn out for you when you finally become a mom? What about your relationship?
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