New Balance and New Chapters.

Life Bridges.

the_spoon_companyLife Bridges.
Cozily seated at ?Spoon Company? in Downtown Copenhagen, I was all by myself, enjoying that tasty autumn-y soup desperately trying to get in terms with the events that have taken place in my life over the last couple of years.
There were the ups and the downs, the happy times and the sorrow ones? And now looking back I grasp that every single occurrence and what back in the day seemed as yet another random event, kiss, passionate fight, and transatlantic flight, were in fact paving the road to where I currently am.
Bridges. Let your mind run wild and think of every situation you’ve been through as a bridge. Some are massive & stable just as the ?Brooklyn Bridge’. You walk on them with confidence and grit, in comparison to the small & shaky ones on which you have to tip-toe if you don?t want to kiss the abyss below.
And it?s only when you finally set foot on the other side that you realise why that bridge has crossed your path. Actually it might take you quite a while and a few bridges time until you finally gather why you had to walk them and experience the face-numbing wind.
I wish someone had shared with me that simple elucidation, which would have saved me quite a lot of tears and nerves.
No matter the bridge you?re currently stepping on, no matter the weather conditions ? look up, keep your eyes ahead and focus on the approaching shore. Believe me it’s nearer than it feels and I promise you one day it will all make sense. It?s like a puzzle, a sequence that leads you to the place of happiness & harmony? And that?s when you?ll finally experience what Danes refer to as ?lykkelig? ? that indescribable feeling of serenity and happiness you get, that feeling which prompts you to scream and literally see yourself escaping your body to go for a cheeky fly above the ground.
And then the gratitude and the realisation that all the sadness, all the difficulties ? they’ve also contributed to bring you to where you’re currently at.
Chin up, cheer up.

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