#CPHFW Day 2: Circles

#CPHFW Day 3: Voyeurism

street_style_copenhagen_fashion_week#CPHFW Day 3: Voyeurism
On day 3 of #CPHFW I went for a Khaki romper (what?s with my romper obsession?) and of course my hat, whose aim was to cover up my damaged hair ? which thankfully is no longer present! (more about my new haircut: here)
Little did I know that my choice of colour was literally spot on as in a few hours I’d be actually embarking on a military-like (fashion) voyeuristic mission. I mean, almost.copenhagen_fashion_week_street_stylecopenhagen_fashion_week_street_style_day3
Jumpsuit by Zara (here) //Hat by Christy’s Kimberley (here) // Shoes by Aldo (here) //Bag by Dekora (here)

After a long day of running from one fashion show to another, I found myself struggling to find the entrance to Elle Pedersen?s show. And the fact that there were no fashionistas around made me question whether I was at the right place at all. And while carefully examining the navigation map I received a text – it turned out that it was not me losing any sense of direction, but rather that the venue was changed.
?Seriously?? My initial reaction was to skip the show and wait for the next one. But then, I just couldn’t give up that easily and stormed back to my bike. All I could remember is that by the time I arrived at the right address ? I was a) completely out of breath, and b) looking quite suspicious with my burning red face and make up all over the place. The hostess led me through the hall to the cute little backyard where I thought the show was yet to take place. Well, I was wrong. The ‘show’ had already begun.Through a little window I got a glimpse of a few boys lined up in front of a dozen of fluorescent lights placed on the wall, whose glow was obscuring my vision.
ellen_pedersen_2016ellen_pedersenWhen I entered the room, the model were still at the same pose looking more like dolls rather than human beings. The guests were snapping photos of them, getting near their faces, and they were standing there completely motionless. I felt like a total weirdo when moving from one  ‘mannequin’  to another to examine the clothes. My first reaction was to politely ask ?is it okay if I took a photo of you? to one of the models, whose features I found so mesmerisingly beautiful and bizarre that I just had to capture them. Of course, how could I ask such question when he wouldn?t even respond. I took a few snaps and sat on the bench opposite the models. The other guest were also sitting, observing the models and discussing the designs, whose vibes reminded me of ?This is England?. It turns out Ellen has derived inspiration for her collection ?The Glory Boys? by 1980s English subculture ?the casuals? and constructed the casual wear with quirky dandy details.ellen_pedersen_ss16ellen_pedersen_ss16_showlast two photos by Copenhagen Fashion Week

To be honest, when I moved to Copenhagen, that?s precisely the type of  thing I ?signed up? for – you know, getting the chance to attend events that are different, quirky and certainly unforgettable.
Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on my outfit and Ellen’s show.

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  • Vaida Tamošauskaitė

    perfect outfit of yours. everything’s just ppp er fect!
    Vaida @ http://www.donttellanyone.net/blog

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  • Love your look! The hat suits you so well, I love fedoras! 🙂

    Heather Xx

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Andrea

    Hallo Antoinette:) I done´t know if you remember me, but i was at the Jean Phillip fashionshow. I sat next to you, and you gave me your visitcard so i could tjekout your blog. And i really like it! Btw my name is Andrea:)

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Love your outfit! Copenhagen Fashion Week always looks so incredible.


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