Third Trimester Maternity Style: The Holy Playsuit

Joining Lala Berlin’s SS17 ‘City Jungle’ with an On-Point Outfit

letters-to-a-copenhagen-fashion-week-ss-17#CPHFW SS17 is officially over – but in comparison to last year when my life literally revolved around it – joining all the events and making sure that I ticked off all the shows and showrooms –this year things weren’t quite the same.
As much as I wanted to get all excited and even stress about the outfits I was gonna wear – it didn’t really happen. I had no energy to run from one show to another and enjoy the crazy fashion vibes (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) as my mind and body were somewhere else. copenhagen-fashion-week-ss17Roll Neck Skinny Rib Jumpsuit (here) //  Espadrilles Ca’Shoot Copenhagen here  or alternative ASOS JELLY BEAN here // Dior Mirrored Sunglasses (here)
Hopefully, when Sofia-Malou is finally in my arms I will get my inspiration and energy back and next season I will be back on track to go to Copenhagen Fashion Week and be all excited about seeing and embracing the new trends. I was wearing a khaki jumpsuit (me and my current jump/playsuit obsession) and while I chose the outfit based on the fact that I could actually fit it, being only 5 weeks from giving birth – it turned out it was the perfect choice for Layla’s ‘City Jungle’ where the same colour was predominant. Eli and I managed to hit a few shows (you didn’t think I would completely miss it, right?) and Lala Berlin SS17 – oh my!
The show took place in the old Carlsberg brewery area where I was surprised to see two giant elephant statues guarding the entrance – statues of elephants in Copenhagen? Well, spot on Layla!
The collection had clear references to the African jungle – starting from the colour palette (strong green, yellow, orange and black to some softer light blue and white), wild patterns and fringes inspired by the African tribes. But while I could clearly see myself rocking some of the outfits on a warm day out in the city, the others were a bit more appropriate for African jungle adventures.   And while referring to two completely different experiences, when you bring them all together in one collection you end up being inspired to go out and explore – be it the poshness of the city or the wildness of the jungle.lala_berlin_fashion_show_ss17 lala_berlin_ss17_cphfw     Lala-Berlin-ss17-2Lala-Berlin-SS17-3Lala-Berlin-SS17-4Lala-Berlin-ss17Lala-Berlin-SS17-6  lala_berlin_ss17

What are your thoughts on Lala Berlin SS17 collection? Which outfits appeal to you the most?

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  • I think you’ve got much more important things to think about than outfits just now! Love this one regardless though

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