Situation 'I Look Like A Hamster'

Why I Began Vlogging Again

girlsEven though my blog has taken a huge part of my life since I launched it, recently I’ve been feeling less and less content with it. I couldn’t get my head around why I felt this way until I recorded a short video for Sofia and had a look at it. It suddenly hit me – I wanted to be able to talk to you not only in written form, but orally. I wanted to get closer to all of you by giving you a sneak peak behind the curtain. And just like that I began vlogging and capturing on camera all that I’ve been writing for here on ‘Letters to Antoinette’.
In today’s vlog (here) I’m going shopping with my mom and meeting up with my girlfriends for a lovely dinner party. Of course, Sofia-Malou also came along!
Apart from the daily/weekly vlogs I will be doing motivational and ‘what’s my routine’ videos. Of course, I’m open to any video request! Just let me know what you wanna see on my YT channel in the comments below.
I hope you enjoy and speak soon,

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  • Gabriela

    I would love more vlogs plus some food related vlogs, some personal vlogs too 🙂

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Situation 'I Look Like A Hamster'