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Healthy Living Series: How to Stay in Shape When Travelling

Healthy Living Series: How to Stay in Shape When Travelling 
Hey you lovely,

How are you? What are you planning to have for breakfast tomorrow? The regular skinny latte with a whole-wheat muffin? A bowl of cereal? A bowl of fruit? Okay, now imagine that you suddenly have to go away ? be it on a holiday, on a business trip, you name it.
So the question remains: what would be your choice for breakfast? Black coffee? Whatever is offered by your hotel buffet? And how could you possibly resist the temptation of trying these tasty looking strawberry pancakes or whatever else your friends have chosen to indulge in? Indeed, it’s much easier to do so when you’re at home mainly because no one would have prepared them at first place. But lets be honest, sometimes you simply can?t be strong enough to utter ‘No’. You?re away for a while ? why not take the occasion to experiment with the food you eat, taking a break from the strict diet and routine for a bit?

But you know, lovely, once you enter your flat after the lovely holiday you had, I assume that one of the first things you’ll actually do is jump on the weighing scale! Yes, the very moment of truth ? first you hold your breath, then your eyes widen after getting a peek at the little black digits.
And then the moment of denial ? ?It?s impossible! The scale?s broken ? I couldn?t have possibly gained 5 pounds!?
And then the moment of acknowledgment ? unfortunately the scale is indeed quite okay and you?ve actually put on some weight.
You run to the mirror (the mirror you?re so used to using) to examine your body ? ?Yes, I?ve put on some pounds here and there?, you finally sigh and admit.
And the moment of frustration ? ?Argh! Why did I let myself gain 5 pounds? Was it really worth it? ?

Well, over the last few years I?ve travelled a lot changing one location with another, going on business trips, with today being constantly on the road travelling back and forth from Bulgaria to NYC. 
And quite frankly ? travelling can indeed sabotage the eating and exercising habits even of the most disciplined and self-controlled human being. And I believe to be an example of such. When I first moved to England a few years back I remember the shock. I was staring at the buffet and I just didn?t know what to pick. I remember waking up early in the morning being completely ignorant of where the gym was and what type of membership to purchase. And just like that while the days were passing by my irritation was rapidly rising. However, rather than giving up I did my research and started using my surroundings to my advantage altering my routine and adjusting it to the new place I was inhibiting. Recently, when I came to NYC for the first time I found it much easier to adjust having already travelled a lot and got the hang of it all. So now when I go on a holiday my mind and body don?t go through such a huge shock having come up with a few main rules that I do my best to follow: 
1. Use your imagination or take the advantage of the imagination of the management of the resort:

When you go on a holiday there are plenty of exciting and quirky options to help you stay fit while also exploring the place you visit. Just do your research: yes, go to the reception and ask. It’s indeed that easy. Recently, my boyfriend and I went to the Dominican Republic and rather than lying on the beach all day long ? we went snorkelling (here). 

Rather than sleeping in until 10 AM, we went for a morning jog enjoying the beautiful sunrise and for long afternoon walks on the beach. 
As we?re currently planning a trip to Vegas I was checking out the activities offered by the hotels there (especially being quite aware of the fact that we’ll be indulging in amazing dishes and yummy cocktails all day long). I was so surprised to find out that ‘Aria Las Vegas’ offers a ?Hotel Hike? Rather than examining the map to find out what the hotel offers ? we can actually join a group with a hike leader who will be showing us all we need to know about the hotel without allowing us to use any escalators/ elevators. I was overly impressed with the Mirage and their great idea of offering a 60-minute yoga class that takes place in an area from which you can enjoy the lovely view of the adorable bottlenose dolphins from Siegfried & Roy?s Secret Garden that are playing behind a window screen. Such a quirky and cool idea! Of course, as an overly sociable person, I’ll be joining (and hopefully B. will be doing so too) the Rock ?n? Roll Las Vegas Marathon. Literally, how could I skip doing exercising under the sounds of the upbeat music and loads of laughter? Well! I can’t!
And of course if we have the time we’ll also be kayaking down the Colorado River and cycling around Red Rock Canyon. And similarly to the way I found quite a few exciting ‘exercising’ options for myself, you could do so too! It takes a few minutes to plan ahead what you want to do and actually sign up to participate in them. (Ah! I hope my ‘exercising’ plans don’t irritate B. too much ;). 
And of course, depending on your holiday destination choice, make sure to use the SUN and SNOW to your advantage too (here). If you find yourself in the Alps why not try skiing/ snowboarding even if you haven?t done so until now? Just go and hire your equipment! It’s that easy!

And instead of lying on the ?chaise longue? all day long, why not go for a swim every other 30 minutes – you’ll feel refreshed and you’ll give your body a chance to be active for a while.

And today while being in NYC for a month, I’ve joined ZClub NYC to get a ‘taste’ of the Zumba classes offered here! I’ll be experimenting going to classes with different instructors which I cannot wait for!

2. Get a taste of the local cuisine ? A TASTE:

When you go to a new and unique destination, well, rather than restraining yourself from trying new and tasty dishes ? my advice ? eat as often as you?d normally eat at home (not more) and set a goal ? to try at least one new dish each day. When I came to NYC for the first time I found myself surrounded with hundreds of fast food options, however, I chose none. Instead, when I visited the authentic diner ‘Candy Lexington Shop’ ? I allowed myself to taste the traditional american pancakes. So rather than trying everything that I?d normally refuse to eat back home, I did try the things that I was curious about and which were representative of the local cuisine. And, to be quite honest, advising you to decline any new type of new food is quite silly and in most cases overly impossible. However, when you visit new destinations – try and go for the healthier and less greasy option. For example, rather than ordering regular pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup, when I was at the ‘Lexington Candy Shop’ I went for the whole-wheat blueberry ones + honey. Their taste was divine, with them still being healthier than the traditional ones. Also, as I’ve already mentioned quite a few times before, I always combine my food in a specific way so that to stay fit and healthy. Why not try that too? Check out my  tips and tricks here 1/2.


3. Equip yourself with a few essentials:

While preparing your luggage prior to your trip make sure to grab a pair of comfy trainers, shorts, and if you’re as keen as me – a jumping rope. Why? Well, if you can join a class offered by the hotel, or wanna go hiking ? you?d need something comfy to wear (and I’m sure you wouldn’t feel tempted to ruin your dressy leather heels/shoes). Ensuring that you take these with you ? you leave your options open to allow yourself to join as many outdoor/indoor activities as you want without worrying how uncomfortable your shoes would be for this occasion. 
And, you know, if you don’t want to additionally pay for classes or any other activities that are not included in your holiday package, then just walk – walk as much as you can. Walk when sightseeing, take the stairs, and use each and every occasion to stand up and do something active. And it might turn out that you’ve lost quite a few pounds when you jump back on the scale rather than the reverse. So have fun! And Good Luck!

P.S. And while still on the healthy living topic, why not join the challenge which was announced on Letters to Antoinette #LTADARESU a month ago. All you have to do is comment below 1 / 2 or drop me an email with your details if you’re willing to join the other ‘darers’ in a whimsical adventure to a healthy living transformation. The most engaged ‘darer’ will win a pair of lovely Nike Air Max (the colour and size of their choice).


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