Snow White

letters_to_antoinetteSnow White
I missed you. Yes YOU.
I missed talking to you. I missed putting my soul onto paper which has always made it easier for me to get in terms with all that has been, with all my hesitations and fears.
Writing, guys, you might think it’s hard.
Think twice.
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Writing is an eaaaaaase A! Once you go for it, once you start scribbling down the text – all your feelings get transformed into yet another story to be told.
And with time I had led myself believe that when my pain’s on paper – I’m no longer entitled to it which makes me feel incredibly free. 
Just a week before heading back home where reality is waiting with her hands crossed before her corps, for the first time I feel like holding back.
I need to let it all sink in first, I need to understand and one day hopefully accept all that’s taken place since I left Bulgaria a few months back.
One thing I know for sure – my idea of ‘back home’ will never be the same.
Because it’s not ‘home’ we miss when we are abroad. It’s the people.
And here I’m a couple of days away from walking ‘our’ streets, breathing the air of the past, and forcing myself to acknowledge that she won’t be coming from around the corner to meet up with me.
As I said ‘I miss talking to you’, but before I speak up again, I need to get off the plane first and let my past, present & future greet.
Until then I refuse to dress myself in black and choose to go for white instead.
White coz ‘pure as a little child’ is what my heart says, and ’til eternity’ what my soul narrates.
My Snow White. That’s she’d always be.


When it comes to choosing my bags and accessories – aw, it’s painful process I assure you. It seems to take me literally ages to find a bag that could really catch my eye. However, with me having left most of my belongings back in Bulgaria the time had definately come to find a new timeless-looking piece. After all am I a fashion blogger or what?
However with me going through quite a lot of changes recently, looking for a bag was certainly not on the top of my list. But just as I was about to experience for the first time Northern Denmark, as a kick off of the weekend trip, I received a cheeky present that’s now a staple piece for my Danish wardrobe. The tote is by the Danish brand LEOWULFF  established back in 2011 by the young entrepreneur and blogger (Lions and Wolves) Sarah Wulff. The bag’s serpent embossed and let me tell you – that’s already a reason enough to simply fall for it. In fact, LEOWULFF’s hand-crafted pieces are always embossed with animal skin, which hints at where the designer derives most of her inspiration from – the wildlife, of course. The metal details of my bag are gold, which goes perfectly well with my warm skin tone. However, for all of you beauties with cold skin tone, don’t you worry. Sarah Wulff has created alternatives to each bag – so you can get a piece with silvers metal details too. 
A quick style tip: Pay attention to the details and here I talk the details of your accessories & clothes. If your skin has cold undertones – try and stick to silver, and if your skin is similar to mine – then go for gold. If you try to follow that principle and choose items with elements of that colour (make-up fall within that category too) then your look would surely seems more effortlessly complete.
What about the colour of my LW bag? Rather than black, the bag is in a dark inky colour (petrol), mostly noticeable on its suede sections, a colour that I’d always go for if I have the option, as while it still goes well with every other colour, it has this royal feel to it that really makes all the difference. The tote has also a hanging label tag with the name of the brand… something I really like especially when we talk a bag by an independent designer. I’m more than excited to finally walk around my new bag and share with you some outfit of the day photos.
And you, what’s your favourite bag at the moment?