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Take Away.

  I have always wanted to escape from my city. To go live abroad. To prosper somewhere else. Find my happiness there. The one thing I seemed to oversee was the beauty of my city. It’s hidden wonders that were just before my eyes. I conceived of the street signs as pointless, the communist buildings as ugly. I  just didn’t get it.

Until that day… I told my dad: Could you imagine Philip’s reaction when he first visits Sofia? He would be shocked at the sight of our old-school airport!
Dad: It’s much more difficult and impressive to succeed in an environment like this… Be proud of your surroundings. They made you who you are!

Does this have anything to do with our moving to Bulgaria? Maybe.
And he was right. Philip fell in love with Sofia. He sees the beauty where we see lack. He gets it. The history. The art. The never completed construction sites. You need to get out of here to come back and see that city with new eyes. To take away what you love about that place rather than judge it based on what it lacks.
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