Stepping out of the comfort zone or the beginning of an electrifying adventure

Who said that Blue cannot become the Colour of Love?

Who said that Blue cannot become the Colour of Love?
It?s the beginning
of the week of love. For me it was the beginning of an exceptional adventure.
But still, I cannot really ignore the celebration that is yet to come. I can
actually already feel the positive vibes sent by all my friends who have
recently, and not that recently, fallen in love? I can notice the spark of
curiosity in their eyes anticipating to unveil with what their loved ones will
surprise them.

Quite frankly, I?ve
never really been a huge fan of the day as rather than marking the highest
point in my relationships it has somehow turned into the breaking one. The day
that marked the beginning of the end rather than served to fortify my love.
But then again,
behind the lovely flowers, gourmet chocolates, and charming valentine?s cards a
real life story is hidden. A story pointing out to the true meaning of love and
accentuating that the feeling is actually priceless. Love cannot be equated to
heart-shaped items or rich red bouquets. No. Its experience is way too
subjective to even consider estimating its value.
The corporate
world, which we inhibit, has, of course, done precisely that, depreciating love
to such an extent to which it could be exchanged with a nicely tied with a satin
ribbon Belgian chocolate box. Valentine?s day has thus become the epitome of
our commercialised and detached society; it has been turned into the ultimate
trophy of globalisation.
But behind all the
glitter and mass-produced love souvenirs a real life story is hidden. Valentine
was the person who enabled people to celebrate their love at a time when
marriage was forbidden based on the very understanding that soldiers performed
better when single. His rebellion resulted in his three-part cruel execution
that consisted of beating, stoning, and finally beheading.  And while Valentine did his best to allow
people to acclaim their love, he never really got the chance to fully
experience his own. When in prison, he prayed and healed the blind daughter of
his judge. The day before the execution, he sent her a touching love letter
signing it with the short, “from your Valentine”. No need to wonder any
longer why exchanging love notes has become the ultimate manifestation of love.
However, rather
than racking my brain to come up with an original present for Valentine?s Day,
the story inspired me in a completely different manner. It reminded me that
love means to resist the ordinary, to be yourself with someone who actually
loves you just the way you are
. Love is so subjective that I really find it
hard to believe than anyone would ever be able to describe the feeling in an
impartial and unbiased way.
sacrificed himself in the name of love, and precisely this act led him to the
prison where he met the love of his life to only spend a few minutes with her.
But he loved her. And to manage to heal her, he surely loved her a lot.
And, undoubtedly,
he hasn?t loved her less than those who attended his secret ceremonies. His
commitment and belief in the feeling brought him to the place where he could
experience for a short amount of time the grandest feelings of all. 
Yes, that is what
love is about. Rebelling against the conventional, challenging the existing
beliefs. Love is about establishing and ?decorating? a unique world where you
can privately express your tenderness and affection in an inimitable manner.
Creating your private space within the vast universe where the two of you are
the only rulers and thus its ultimate creators.
I bet you and your
partner have exchanged present before. I bet they have given you beautiful
bouquets of flowers, and certainly you have initiated quite a few intimate
gestures to also warm their heart…But remember, Valentine sacrificed his life
believing that love did matter, and could make a change? Isn?t it time we did
the same and celebrated the true meaning of the day?
I reckon it?s the
time we rebelled against the commercial idea that love is dressed only in
?red?. Valentine’s story actually reminds that love has quite a few different
faces, which cannot be really encapsulated only by one colour and the cute
little heart shape.
Love is sometimes
more of a companionship; love is sometimes simply a friendship; love could even
be the practical decision to enter into a marriage. Would you really use
“red” to dress up any of those?
Skip the typical
purchases this year. Think big. Think local (in the context of your relationship) rather
than global. Grab your partner?s hand and take him out. Escape the trap of the
polished Valentine?s Day routine. Write your own story. Choose your own little
shape rather than simply sticking to the heart one. Pick your own colour
that signifies your love and go enjoy your day.
Being a passionate
fashion lover myself, I cannot skip the opportunity to suggest my modest way of
rebellion against the stereotypical promotion of love. Fashion has served as a
powerful weapon for initiating social change in the past. Think Chanel and the
first female trousers she designed ? she changed the existing perception of
gender. Having said that, resisting the temptation of employing fashion as a
way of making a point seems somewhat rather impossible.
Instead of going
for the dreamy, romantic Valentine?s Day look, I suggest you two go out there
and seek for some extraordinary pieces. I suggest you forget about the LBD and
red nail polish. I suggest you make a statement and exchange your dull
Valentine?s preparation routine by adding some extra creativity to your look.
Come on ? dig around and seek some inspiration.
Choose a quirky
colour that signified your love, pick a special item and incorporate it to both
of your outfits. Do your best to stand out from the crowd, do your best to
remind us what love is about ? differentiating yourself from others, staying
true to the special relationship you have developed and sustained over time.
Be bolder. Exchange
the fairy dress with leather pants. Paint your nails in dark, forget about the
creamy lace. And for him, well, challenge him to wear an accessory that will
compliment your look and make you stand out ? but this time as a couple.
Then, I hope you no
longer wonder why I?ve chosen probably the most extraordinary colour for my
Valentine?s Night look. Rather than using cayenne (quite in this season) I?ve
chosen the dazzling blue as its substitute.
Get a glimpse of my outfit suggestion below:
Quirky Valentine’s
Night Outfit: 

letters to antoinette fashion
Pants: The Row Moto Stretch-Leather skinny pants 
Top: Oasis Plain Vest
Coat: Black Sleeveless Long Faux Fur Dress
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 100 mm Pigalle Patent Leather Pumps
Bag: Bernard Delettrez Black Nappa Leather Clutch w/ Angel Wins 
Bangles: LK Designs Chain, Black Wrap Leather Bracelet
Earrings: Gold-Tone M? & Crystal Button Stud Earrings 2-pr. Set
Nail polishes:
Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer, Royal Navy 0.4 fl oz (9ml); Nails Inc
Chelsea Passage Fibre Optic 10 ml
*For additional information go to Antoinette’s Quirky Valentine’s Night Outfit

And “his” accessories which will finish off your “couple’s look”. 
letters to antoinette
Shoes: Salvatore Ferregamo ‘Santo Chelsea Boot’ – More info here
Scarf: Burberry Check Print Wool Scarf –  More info here
Watch: Chronograph Rubber Strap Watch, 42 mm – More info here

Well, who said that
blue cannot become your colour of love?
And you, have you
chosen your Valentine?s outfit yet? And which is going to be your personal colour of love?
Much love,

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