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letters-to-a-moving-copyApartment sold – one way tickets bought.

Next month we’re moving to Bulgaria and we take it from there. We have a lot to take care of – sell some of our belongings, pack the rest and ship it to Bulgaria, and also acknowledge that we’re actully moving away.
I need to do that.

I’ve gotten used to Denmark and its unconventional ways (you can read more about my first impression of Denmark? here). So if you have just moved to Denmark all motivated to go around greeting people to ask them out for a cup a coffee and share your life story – maybe you should reconsider the place.
Think of it that way: a coconut – it takes time to crack it open… But once you do – Congrats! You’ve earned yourself a loyal friend… and maybe for life.

It took me some time to get used to that… and now in retrospect I can count the Danish friends I’ve made for 2 years on the fingers of my hand… among which the mother of my man. And you know? I’m totally okay with that, because no matter what – they will always be there.

So I do feel nostalgic and there is a lot I’m leaving behind – MakeUpButHow are you reading that? But then again for now that’s the only decision that actually make sense at that stage of our lives.

Today we start taking bits and pieces down as by the 1st of May we should have left the flat.

And that’s in three weeks time!

Then maybe I should start on those Danish bakery goodies – because, DAMN IT! I’ll miss the Danish bakeries and yummy pastries. And the whole impeccability of this place… the crazy feeling I get every time I leave the flat…it’s literally as if I’m walking down a street drawn on a fancy post card. And the smiles! You might struggle to make your first Danish friend, but one thing is sure – you will be getting an abundance of those.

At first I didn’t get it. Why were strangers exchanging smiles all the freakin’ time? Because the Dane holds his head up high and wears his identity with dignity and pride! Yes, the Dane goes on vacations to get some sun and not to escape the surrounding him reality

Which is precisely the reason behind my bewilderment.
On our first date Philip randomly (or not?) mentioned in-between the lines that he sees no point of ever leaving Denmark. He loved his country, he said, so why ever consider moving away?

Because it’s not always the country that stands behind your decision to leave. It might as well be a desire much more meaningful and deep! A desire to look inwards and find out more about yourself by leaving the comfort zone behind your back.

It’s never too late to make a drastic change and reverse the course of the events.
I did it. Philip is doing it.
And what about you?


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