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Vlogging? Yes, It’s Happening, Guys.


Vlogging? Yes, It’s Happening, Guys.
I know, I know: it took me literally ages. A-G-E-S! To finally gather up the courage to let you hear my husky voice (wait is it husky or low-pitched!? Hm?) and my not-so-ordinary accent. And I thought I was brave… But I guess being brave and a perfectionist at the same time is far from ideal. Just think about it: the moment you go on the starting line, the voice at the back of your head pops up to remind you that you aren’t ready to nail it just yet.
But then with my move to Copenhagen and all the changes I?ve been going through (here/here), honestly, the last thing I’ve been focused on is doing everything in a perfect way. Like seriously! I’m currently making my first steps in cooking and cycling that last thing I’m worried about is how ungraceful I am on my bike or how my dishes look like. I’m mainly concerned on not getting run over by car and making sure that F. and I don’t get food poisoning from the food I prepare.
And just as I was being in a state of initial shock, I received a hilarious Snapchat from a friend. And that?s how it all started: I created my first snapchat story? Ever since then I?ve been capturing snippets from my day and sharing them with you.
And the best thing?
In contrast to YouTube, Snapchat doesn?t require you to act ‘perfect’ or take perfect photos and videos. It just requires you to be your quirkiest ‘you’ and flash this cute self to everyone out there.
And I?m so freakin? happy that I’ve finally begun vlogging, revealing to you my most unpolished self… and let me tell you, switching to YouTube is no longer scary. It’s actually pretty exciting!
So if you wanna be in the loop and see what I’m up to during the day –  my Snapchat is: antoinette.pepe. And if you?re still not into Snapchat ? then I?ll be hopefully seeing you on YouTube in a few weeks time.
Lots of love,

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