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This Week I’ve Rediscovered…

This Week I’ve Rediscovered…
Hey peeps! I hope you’ve had a blast this weekend and are now ready for your weekly dose of Sunday chilling. In this rainy April day, I decided to share with you a couple of things I’ve rediscovered this week:
1. Veganism
As you already know, I’ve been trying to become a full-time vegan for quite some time now. However, I’ve been struggling, not gonna lie. While I’ve found it more than easy to cut down on cheese, it’s certainly been a complete nightmare when it came to milk. And if you’re also more of a ‘latte’ than a ‘black coffee’ person, I’m pretty sure you get where I’m coming from.So even thought I’m fully aware that  cow milk isn’t the healthiest choice for any human being, I’d go back to it occasionally as I just never seemed to enjoy the flavour of soy milk (+ my body responds quite poorly to it) or the texture of almond milk. I was just about to give up with my attempt to completely scratch dairy from my diet, when  randomly spotted Alpro Coconut Milk while strolling down the supermarket. When I got home I soaked some oatmeal in it, topped it all up with some maple syrup and sprinkled it all with some cinnamon. When I tried it in the morning – my taste buds went CRAZEEEY! Honestly, my favourite vegan oatmeal pudding  had never tasted better. The milk gave the pudding subtle taste of coconut, and while not a huge fan of coconut flakes (that annoyngly stick to my teeth), I do enjoy coconut flavoured foods. I’m literally buzzing that I’ve finally found an alternative to cow milk that actually tastes nice! And the best thing about the drink is that while low in calories (20 kcal per 100 ml.), it’s rich in Vitamins (B12, D2).  Now I’m back to being positive that I can convert to a vegan diet and actually enjoy each and every meal I have.
2. Vintage and Antique Jewelry
As I was getting ready to go to some Fashion Show a few days ago, I stumbled upon this oversized antique necklace that was long forgotten in a jewerly box that I hadn’t opened for years! I decided to give it a go and wear it over a plain white top that I combined with some grey skinny ripped jeans. I’d forgotten how cool vintage-looking jewerly looks! Guess what! I’ve spent the last few days digging through all of my jewelry boxes (and my mom’s ones) and I’m now a proud owner of some marvellous pieces that had gathered quite a lot of dust. Now I’m planning on hitting the thrift stores and laying my hands on some vintage rings – something I’ve also ceased wearing over time. I reckon I’m on my way to introducing some changes to my style.
3. Glitter  
When it comes to make-up – I’m more of a minimal type of girl. I’d normally go for eyeshadow-free eyes, thick eyeliner, and nude/coral lips, depending on the occasion. My eyelids just don’t suit smokey eye, I’m telling you! Especially, black smokey eye! It somehow manages to make me look like a drag queen! Anyway, as I was doing my make-up on Friday I was in a  mood for something new, so I decided to give my Barry M Dazzle Dust Powder (shade Athena; £4.59) a go. I tapped some of the product on my eyelids – remember Audrey Hepburn’s signature eye make up? Yes, that’s how I did it. It’s such a quick and easy alternative to all the other fancy types of make-up, and still looks soooo glam & chic! I just cannot wait to get a few more glittery powder eyeshadow to use when I wanna look like a celeb ;). Come one beauty blogger – share with us any recommendations you might have regarding the best glittery powder eye products you’ve had the chance to try.


 And you, what are the things you’ve recently rediscovered yourself?
Lots of love,

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