The Day I Became 'Jeppson'

Third Trimester Maternity Style: The Holy Playsuit

letters-to-a-pregnancyIf there is a piece of clothing I cannot live without at the moment – that’s the playsuit (a.k.a romper) or in other words anything one piece. Since my bump has taken the shape of a melon, I can’t imagine myself wearing anything but comfy attire. The maternity pants have already tightened up a lot around the bump (and bum which has also doubled in size) and all I want for my body is to feel unrestrained and free. Also, the rompers and jumpers are something you can wear even after the day of delivery so investing in them (if you don’t already own a few) is much smarter than in maternity pants or any type of maternity clothing. The only thing is – now I’m back in Denmark so the rompers are gonna be exchanged with jumpsuits (as they come with long pants) as the weather here during summer is not really that ‘summary’. Actually, during the first days after we came back to Copenhagen I did feel a little bit down because of the lack of sun, but hey, I have to get over obsessing with the Danish weather as this is one of the perks of moving abroad and setting down. You know, getting used to the way things and weather work in the place I now call ‘home’. Also, it’s incredibly exciting time for me and Philip as we have finally begun buying everything we need for the baby – being only 6 weeks away from the big moment. CRAZY.letters-to-a-romper1 copy letters-to-a-romper123Alternative to the playsuit Boohoo here // Espadrilles Ca’Shoot Copenhagen here  or alternative ASOS JELLY BEAN here // Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana here or alternative by ASOS Cateye Sunglasses here

missguided_jumpsuitLoop Back Sleeveless Jumpsuit by Missguided heremissguided_jumpsuit1Rollneck Jumpsuit by Missguided heremissguided_playsuitMissguided Playsuit hereasos-romperGreylin Playsuit here

Now it’s your turn. What was/is your favourite piece of clothing during your third trimester?
You can also find my ‘Second Trimester Style Guide’ here

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  • You look really great in this playsuit! just hope the waist part not too tight. 🙂

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  • You look incredible Antoinette! I have never been pregnant so I can’t recommend anything, but I will definitely keep this idea in mind when the day comes, eep! Immy x

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