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The Way Of Seeing

letters-to-a-stay-strongI tend to take the role of the saviour. If you find yourself in a difficult situation – I’d be there. I’d hold your hand, I’d listen and talk you through the whole thing. I won’t give up until you’re motivated enough to get up, dust yourself off, accept the situation and move on happier and with eyes all clear and ready to discern the beauty of the University.

When it comes to me dealing with my own trash? I’m proactive – I get things done, I change the course of the events rather than wait around until someone does that first. Only that it took years for me to learn that.

There was a time when I was more reactive than proactive. I was letting myself drift with the tide denying my right as a human being to make the choice to MOVE.
All I had to do was to accept the presence of the tide, and swim against it until I reach the coastal line. So rather than regret the past, or complain about the present, accept it and allow yourself to see it with proactive eyes.

So let me ask you something:
If you stumble upon a car that’s spend quite some time in waters dark and deep, what would you see?
Some non-recyclable trash or a piece of unconventional art?

Yes, it’s exactly the toughest moments in life that  eventually turn  YOU into art.

Don’t give up.


My take on  Self-Acceptance  (here))

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