Sunrays and snowflakes

The Perks of OOTD shooting

The Perks of OOTD shooting
Hey you,
Do you believe in destiny? While editing my photos I was staring at them dazed and confused. The girl smiling at me was in no ways similar to the girl I thought I knew. She was cheerful, she was glowing, and she was certainly having fun.

She wasn?t really striking any poses instead she was walking down the street flawlessly, with Andrea (RosyChicc) incessantly pressing the button of the camera: ‘snap, snap, snap’. The wind has messed up her hair and though her eyes were occasionally shut, dazzled by the sun, her smile was always there ? more honest and blissful than ever.


I was examining the photos in disbelief, even comparing them to the ones she?d uploaded on facebook and I couldn?t help but notice the fakeness of her smile, stiff poses, and expressionless face. I desperately wanted to stumble upon at least one image in which I could find any resemblance between the girl wearing short skater skirt and the one I supposedly knew. And yet not traces of her were to be found.

Jumper: Tally Weijl
Blazer: Mango
Skirt: Bershka
Wedge Shoes: Stradivarius 
Bag: Caleidos
Bracelets: Accessorize 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

Well, years go by, people change, others cross your path, life situations tap you on the shoulder reminding you what life is all about. And this girl, yes she has certainly learned how to live and enjoy every minute of her own. Only for a few months she?s become the person she?s always craved to be. She’s began experimenting with her looks, completely breaking out the boundaries she’d previously established. And now for the first time I began to slowly acknowledge that this confident girl and I were actually one and the same.


Andrea and I have crossed each other?s path at odd times. And though I?ve never imagined that her and I would ever develop some sort of a friendship, my expectations turned out to be completely wrong. Not only have we gotten closer and closer over time, but she was actually the person who inspired me to launch ‘Letters to Antoinette’ at first place. She knew I had to engage myself with something way more creative than the office job I?d completely immersed myself in; something new that would finally trigger a real smile on my face.

And now, looking at the photos I couldn?t be more grateful for what she?s done for the girl waving from the images. Yes, we were taking OOTD photos and yet it was being much more than that. The sunrays were stroking my hair, the wind was brushing my cheeks, and the passing-by strangers were throwing glances at me curious to unveil what was taking place.
And indeed it was happiness… shining, glittering happiness.
I still find it hard to believe that I?m the girl from the photo-shoot, winking, smiling, and playing around ? it?s difficult to come into terms with yourself and accept that you?ve finally felt overwhelmed with happiness and composure.

One day. One photo shoot. And one striking realisation. I?ve
finally found my path and I couldn?t have felt more contented than that.


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