The Countdown Has Begun: 7 Weeks Left

The Day I Became ‘Jeppson’

letters-to-a-wedding-dayJust a day before Philip and I flew back to Bulgaria – guess what – we got married. Yes, I’m officially a Jeppson and luckily a month later nothing feels weird or different. All the stereotypical warnings that a potential marriage could change our relationship and make us feel chained to each other is nothing but a massive exaggeration. I still can’t help but call him my ‘boyfriend’, even though he is officially my ‘husband’ – is it because I can’t accept that I’m THAT grown up? Maybe.
Actually, I was hesitating whether to share photos from our day, because it was OUR day. We had only one witness from Philip’s side and noone else with us. We didn’t feel like being with anyone else – we just wanted to enjoy these precious seconds in our cosy bubble. Plus, we’ll have the chance to do that next year at our real wedding in Bulgaria when Sofia-Malou can also be there. A wedding we really want to organise for our friends and families to meet as having been born and raised in two different countries it just seem right to let them get to know each other and spend some time together. And let’s get real – signing papers was more the formal side of things… but a wedding with all the nice rituals is the special part to be really forever remembered. Am I going to wear a long white princess-like dress? I doubt it. But one thing is sure – we will have lots of fun. What about the dress I wore on the 5th July? It’s the BabyDoll Dress in white by Tobi, an online L.A. boutique that I’ve recently fallen in love with. The dresses are on point (I haven’t had the chance to order anything else yet) and the quality of the materials too. I chose a dress that’s comfortable enough for a soon to be mommy and that would conceal my bump –  as wearing white when you’ve gained here and there is not really the most flattering option. Of course, Philip and I matched – he went for a sweater (alternative Asos Cable Jumper here) and light chinos by Sisley(here) that looked great on his slender body. Model Boy! Yep yep. What about the shoes? Nothing too formal – just a pair of overly cool Lacoste Sneaks (here)letters-to-a-married copyletters-to-a-wedding-dress copyMy make up was by MakeUpButHow and my flowers – something Presi and Eli gave me moments before I left Eli’s flat to get married. That’s how prepared I was. But hey, that’s why we have best friends. Because they think instead of us – especially when instead of a real brain, a pregnancy one has cosily settled. letters-to-a-wedding5And here we are – on a quick stroll around Frederiksberg Have moments after we got married. letters-to-a-weddingLots of love,

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