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Tailor-Made Military Maternity Leggings by Mina Goleva

letters_to_a_google copy Ops, yesterday I forgot to show you what my outfit choice was for Day 1 of my YouTube marathon. Now, when my body is rapidly changing the main pieces I wear are tight maternity leggings and oversized tops (especially when the Danish weather is being very Danish and chilly). Most of the maternity leggings I own are tailor-made by Mina Goleva, as the ones I got from ASOS and H&M just don’t have the greatest fit.  That’s the thing  – we all have different-shaped baby bumps as well as bodies, so going for tailor-made pants was a smart move! Hehe.

Selected Dynella Shirt in Black (here) // Sisley Lightweight Trench Coat in Light Pink (here) // Military Leggings by Mina Goleva (here) // Alternative Plain Maternity Leggings by ASOS (here) // Bag LeoWulff (here) // Shoes by ALDO (here)

letters_to_a_maternity_leggingsI’ve completely fallen for these military leggings. I guess the pattern is not the best choice, having in mind that I’m currently growing and we all know what horizontal lines optically do – but anyway, the coolness of the pattern won over my fear to appear a little bit bigger. Which opens up a longer subject – body image during pregnancy – but we have enough  time to discuss that too.
Funnily, my oversized top completely conceals my bump, so I was thinking that it’s time for me to start showing it off rather than coming up with ways to keep staying low and pretending that I’m not expecting. letters_to_a_google1-copySo from now on I’ll do my best to start proudly rocking my new body. I have 3 months left to get better at this. So let’s see!
And you? What’s your main choice of clothing at this very moment of your pregnancy?

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