A Few Things to Do Before It Gets Too Late: Part 1: Discover your Beauty and Smile at the Bullies

Snorkelling and the Simplicity of Life

Snorkelling and the Simplicity of Life
Hey you lovely and Happy Sunday!
It was a Monday and I woke up in a funny mood. I?d had too much wine the night before and all I wanted was to lay in bed resting my eyes for a bit longer. However, I was on holiday and I knew that I?d eventually regret not taking advantage of the warmness of sun and the coolness of the ocean.By that point I was all by myself in the room. B.?d already left to go for a swim and it was time for me to do the same and force myself to get up, get dressed, and leave.

It was already way too hot outside and after having a few glasses of freshly squeezed ice-cold juice, I opened my book. The day we?d arrived I started a new read by Marian Keyes ?Last Chance Saloon?. Frankly, I’d never imagined I?d actually finish it. As I?m not a huge fan of chick flicks (yes I find it incredibly difficult to find one that could actually keep my interest for longer than 10 minutes) I was overly skeptical at first having regarded the book as such. With the days passing by, however, I was slowly drawn into the world that Marian was painting. A world that reminded me that life is actually way too short to miss out on it, to be SCARED of it. That though it could be quite unfair, in most cases it is overly simple. 
?Simple?? you?re probably remarking with a puzzled expression. Yes, I can empathies with your confusion.Though I?ve been trying to convince myself of that fact for quite some time, it was Marian really who managed to persuade me.
It was just when I was mulling over some existential questions when B. came and kissed me on the cheek ?Excited for the snorkelling trip??
I can only imagine the impression of my face. My eyes widened, my lips curled, and all I could utter was ?Pardon??
?We?re going snorkelling, remember??


You know lovely, I?ve never been afraid of heights, fire, and wind. I?ve never been afraid to express my opinion, I?ve never been troubled to smile when the only thing I wanted was to cry. But the very thought of being in waters dark and deep was what instantaneously triggered an unsettling suffocating feeling that I simply couldn?t swallow.

Though a good swimmer myself the very idea of diving, of not being able to breath in and out at the moments when my body craves some air is something I?ve purely refused to get myself into.

But then, some are scared of fire (passion), some of heights (power) and some of wind (freedom)? Me? I?ve always been cautious when it came to the unknown. Scared of all that could be hidden below. Terrified of not having any control. Of the inability to freely inhale and exhale.

And suddenly two options came into sight with the first simultaneously melting before my eyes. No, I couldn?t stay on the beach to finish a book that was teaching me precisely the reverse. A book that was shouting out LOUD ?Go and Dive into the Unknown. Go and Live! GO AND EXPLORE!?

I took a deep breath and stood up. My heart was pounding and all I could imagine was how in a couple of hours I was going to be back on solid ground with my toes digging into the burning hot sand.

I could hardly recall the details of the boat voyage to the coral reef. My fingers were firmly clutching the frame of the boat, with my eyes mostly shut. By the time we got to the reef my stomach had already filled with butterflies hectically flying around.

I had to jump in water almost 20 meters deep, and the thought of it almost made me sick.

But then the fact that I was in no ways certain of where my life was headed to now seemed even more alarming. The idea of not knowing where I?d be in a few years time, the idea of not knowing what I?d have achieved?
?Where my life is headed??
My life is headed to the direction I’ve chosen. MOI!
My life will be painted in the colours I?ve splashed it with.
It will be decorated with the elements I?ve decided to adorn it with.
Yes, the only thing I knew I had to do was to make some decision… To finally follow my heart.

Yes, it is scary to make ?important decisions? being wary not to regret them. It?s difficult to make up your mind knowing that you won?t be able to blame anyone but yourself if your plans don?t turn out the way you hoped that they would.
And just like that my soul escaped my body. It was floating in the air and examining one petite shuddering body.
A trembling girl ready to jump;

A petrified human being facing his deepest darkest fears;
One second her leg placed on the ledge and the other her body gone from the set. She jumped.
With her fears fiercely exploding.
Just like fireworks ? initially all-encompassing and then completely vanished.

She was slimming and feeding the fish with crumbs of bread.
She was slimming having embraced all her fears within her troubled head.

One little fish.
A purple one. A yellow.
All gently brushing against her fragile body.
She couldn?t physically smile, instead she could hear herself laughing in her mind.
It seemed as if it was all a whimsical dream with her encircled by the fish and the pretty coral reef.


And though inhaling through a snorkel, rarely had she felt more alive and contented.

If she hadn?t jumped, she wouldn?t have met these lovely little creatures.
Nor would she have discovered her passion to swim.
Not would she have felt so alive, vibrant, and ecstatic.

Living for the very moment. Enjoying every single second of it.
Smiling at it!

Yes, lovely. We?re all scared of different things. Some of water. Some of fire. Some of wind.
But we?re also granted with precisely one life to live.
Face your fears.
Embrace them
Live for the moment.
Breathe it in.
Life is indeed as simple as that.
If something makes you feel unhappy ? change it.
If something makes you cry ? erase it.
And remember one thing ? the things that one day you?ll regret most won?t be the ones you?ve done, but rather the things you haven?t had the guts to do.

This petit snorkelling experience taught me one grand thing ? making decisions is actually not that scary.
The ability to make your own decision is the petite reminder that you?re indeed the designer of your own beautiful life.
Why not take advantage of that?
And really, rather than waiting for the ‘Last Chance Saloon’

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Have an eventful week!

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