An Unexpected Confession: Body Image When Expecting

Second Trimester Style Guide

letters_to_a_second_trimester_style_guideSecond Trimester Style Guide
Even though I couldn’t really fit in any of my jeans near the end of my first trimester (especially coz I no longer own any low-waist pants), it was really when I entered my second one that my body began undergoing a massive transformation. From my boobies that have grown to a bra cup size C to my Beyonce looking-bum and rapidly growing baby bump. Suddenly I found myself having nothing to wear and I was forced to come up with a way to change my wardrobe to make it work. Plus, investing in tons of maternity clothes just didn’t make much sense, having in mind that I’d be wearing them for only for a few months. And have you seen the cut of most maternity clothes? Well, definitely not impressive.
So if you’re also in your second trimester and in your first pregnancy (just because you start showing a bit later when you’re carrying your first baby) you can find my pregnancy outfit strategy below.  Aw, and make sure to share yours in the comments section below.
1. Maternity Leggings // Shorts
The only maternity items I bought are a few pairs of maternity leggings and summer shorts (you know I’m kinda addicted to both). It’s also way too warm for jeans at the moment (okay, maybe it’s just my body feeling hot all the time – uh, you, cheeky hormones!) and I really don’t feel comfortable in them. A few of my leggings (such as my military ones (here)) are tailor-made by Mina Goleva and the ones I used to go to the gym are from ASOS. But, honestly, if you have the opportunity to order custom-made ones – I’d recommend that highly. We all have different body types, hence baby bumps, and the leggings just have to have the RIGHT fit.letters-to-a-maternity-leggingsASOS Petit Maternity Leather Looking Leggings (here)
My new denim shorts  are also from ASOS and I have to admit that you can indeed find some pretty cool stuff in their maternity section. Actually, the stretchy piece of material that’s added to the short makes them overly comfortable. I can actually see myself wearing them even next year.. But let’s see.letters-to-a-maternity-style121ASOS Maternity Scallop Hem Short (here) // ASOS Maternity White Denim Shorts (here)

2. Jumpsuits // Playsuits
The best thing about the jumpsuits – if you own a ribbed or a bit looser one – you will be able to fit in them throughout the most of your pregnancy. So a) you’re gonna save some money and b) you won’t be investing in maternity jumpsuits, which have very bizarre cuts and aren’t particularly flattering, especially when your bump is kind of there, but not really.
Regarding the playsuits (another summer obsession of mine), I’ve ordered a few, not from the maternity section, but just with the right cut suitable for a still growing bump. They are tighter below the boobs and then loosen up around the belly, giving it enough space to grow. Of course, I make sure that the material is stretchy enough so that I feel comfortable in them for a few more months, and if not – at least I’ll have a few cool pieces to also rock next year. heheletters-to-a-maternity-style4Missguided Long Sleeve Ribbed Drawstring Jumpsuit Khaki (here) // Boohoo Pom Pom Playsuit (here)

3. Loose T-Shirts, Shirts and Flared Tops
I’m a huge fan of any type of oversized tops – from jumpers to shirts (tunics, hm, depends) and I’d normally opt for size M or L just so they look even looser and then I’ll combine them with a pair of cute shorts. The good news – I’ll be able to wear them all throughout my pregnancy – just won’t look that oversized. Also, the combination oversized shirt/blouse + any type of shorts/tight pants is to die for and, of course, comfy enough to wear on a day-to-day basis.
When it comes to something dressy, I’m all in for shift tops or again something that tightens below the boobs and then freely falls to the sides. I’ve found a few cute ones in the maternity section of ASOS, which you would be able to wear even after the baby comes. Aw, and what about tight tops that would show off your belly? Well, as my belly is still right in the middle between being looking seriously bloated and actually being a proper bump, I personally prefer to wait until it’s all formed to rock my tightest clothes. The best you could do is to think terms of what makes you feel beautiful – there are no rules here, just suggestions.letters-to-a-maternity-style43ASOS Maternity Pretty Cotton Sun Top (here) // ASOS Crinkle Oversize Blouse (here)

4. Long Ribbed Dresses or all the way down the Boho Lane
Rocking the boho style? Yes, please! I have quite a few long dresses, all of which incredibly soft and stretchy enough to allow me to grow in them. But if you have nothing similar – well, laying your hands on a few new dresses won’t harm anyone, right?
If you’re more of a short dress type of person (I normally am) then you can also go for a shift dress that looks incredibly flattering during that interim period of being pregnant but still not too big.letters-to-a-maternity-style2Stevie May Bell Sleeve Shift Dress With Trim (here) // Bluebelle Maternity Lounge Elasticated Waist Sweat Dress (here)

5. Platform sneakers
Stilettos during pregnancy? NOT a good idea. Sometimes I’d opt for my high heel ankle boots, but a few hours onwards I’m literally crying. My feet get swollen way too quickly so now I know that the wiser thing to do is to go for something comfy and flat. Plus stilettos would just make your back hurt even more and you really don’t want that. So to stay in the ‘fashionista’s zone’ go for platform shoes (here) // sneakers (here) to elongate your legs. For me that’s essential being quite petit  (1,60cm /5’3’’) and with the extra weight I’ve gained – I just need that.letters-to-a-maternity-styleASOS Maternity Colour Block Rib Dress (here) //Downtown Lace-up Flatform (here)
And you? What are the pieces you rock during your second trimester?

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