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‘Queen of the Night’ NYC: The Hottest Place in Town

‘Queen of the Night’ NYC: The Hottest Place in Town
She was speeding up her pace with her stilettos clicking on the asphalt and counting out her steps towards her final destination. The surrounding sounds have completely absorbed hers, with the high-pitched taxis? horns, people?s cheerful laughter, and overwhelming excitement serving as the background to her rhythmical walk.
The passing-by strangers while hastily walking in unknown directions were unwillingly brushing against her petite body that was floating towards Broadway. Her plain winter coat was concealing her overly sophisticated attire the thought of which made her cheekily smile knowing that the City would approve of her provocative look. She felt she could finally tear off the masks and let herself shine through without feeling the suffocating prejudice of her previous surroundings.
She arrived at 07:07 in front of Paramount Hotel. The others were waiting for her while hastily finishing their cigarettes. The strangers that were rushing towards Times Square were now gone from their sight and the only ones beside them were dressed up in their nicest attire in the hope to please the ‘Queen’. The four of them smiled at each other excited for what was yet to come.
 They were just about to go through a door behind which a mysterious world was hidden. Yes, they were just about to take a peek behind the concrete barriers encircling the city, to completely immerse themselves in immense amounts of sensuality and pleasure.
But you know, dear reader, some stories cannot be described and certainly cannot be understood if they are to be told chronologically and objectively. So while typing this letter I?d like to invite you to dive into my intimate experience of the ‘Queen of the Night’ (based on Mozart’s aria ‘The Magic Flute’).
Open up your senses. Let yourself feel the electrifying ambience of a whimsical story that unfolded somewhere beneath the centre of the City.
With me entering the building the only thing I could hear were distant whispers and my fast heart beat. I was slowly stepping forward cautious not to fall while descending the stars.
‘Stay close to the wall? someone mystically uttered, and I obeyed, holding the cold drink I was just handed by a mysteriously looking stranger. I was sipping the liquid, which was slowly soothing my overly tense body. A naked goddess was emerging and disappearing behind a blue transparent wall… Completely engrossed by her sensual moves, I took a step back when an icy hand lightly touched mine to take me into the unknown. And the ‘unknown’ was all that I craved for. I was wandering around exquisitely designed rooms, brushing against strangers, who seemed somehow familiar – mystically smiling and piercing my soul with their intense eyes emphasised by dark smudged eyeliner. The spaces behind the doors I opened were dark, keeping their secrets that were yet to be unwrapped.
At the far end of the room I spotted intertwined test tubes finishing into gigantic glasses in which colourful liquid was boiling. Still feeling the stiffness of my body, for a second I wondered whether the liquid would have the power to calm me down.
 ‘Just relax’ someone whispered in my ear and all I could discern was the sweet aroma of their perfume. Just before my eyes a whimsical male couple was lustily dancing under trance-like musical sounds? a dance so painfully seductive that, we the voyeurs, all froze in place. Occasionally, I was handed an appetiser by a male figure who invited me with mimics to taste the bite that simply melted in my mouth.

‘Follow me?, a serene girl had grabbed my hand… My heart was racing and my head was wildly spinning. We were floating down the hall until a giant metal door blocked our way. She invited me in slowly opening the heavy door.
‘I like to hide here and relax… to let it loose and release my tension…I’ M FREEEEEEEE’.
Her high-pitched voice hit the walls and boomeranged back to my ears..
And she pierced me with her almond shaped eyes cheekily smiling while exiting the room.
She wanted me to follow her example and to completely let it loose.
My body was situated in a freezer and my soul was somehow wandering around. All I had to do was shout. I felt how my purse slipped through my fingers and noisily fell on the ground. And I shouted?again and again. And with each and every sound I made I felt my soul and body thrive.
The petite dancer was smiling behind the window of the door?
A moment later she was standing right beside me stitching a sparkling little stone on my cheek, marking me with the blessing of the Queen.
 My body was not longer stiff. My heart went into its normal beating pace and I felt my looks have completely changed. I stepped out of the room to walk in a huge dark space just in time for the start of the dark debutante ball that was about to unwrap in front of the viewers encircling the stage.
I turned to have a glimpse of the lavish and sinful moves of the performers?. The main part of the show was just beginning and I was already filled with mixed feelings of composure and excitement. With a loud bang the actors knocked down the huge pile of chairs that was placed on an abandon theatrical stage to then quickly arrange them around the tables they had previously used for their outstanding performances.
A decadent dinner followed? Roasted suckling piglets, succulent ribs, and lobsters all of which primitively served. ‘Cut it! Serve it!’ And we obeyed, cutting, serving, and handing the food to the strangers seated around the table who were slowly transforming into our closest acquaintances.


‘I encourage you to beg, barter, and steal.’ People were hectically running around exchanging their food? while the performers were asking uncomfortable questions ?Would you join this couple??
I felt that ‘intimacy’ and ‘sex’ were no longer what we were led to believe that they are. For a moment the sensuality, lust, and animal-like behaviour while watching the performing actors, swallowing huge amounts of food, and secretly peeking behind closed doors was so real, so rough, and at the same time so appealing that just like that the concrete barriers of the city were completely demolished. In their place the Garden of Eden has appeared and we, the participants, had the opportunity to get a taste of the forbidden fruit. To let it loose. And to actually notice how simple life could actually be.
Just use your primitive senses. Cease thinking.
Two performers at a certain point came near our table and started sensually dancing exclusively for me, while maintaining intense eye contact. The beautiful girl, who took me to the freezer, also always kept me in her sight. She was seductively moving just before me mystically curving her lips in an upward direction. I was feeling way too exposed, way too weak, and somehow incredibly free.
Free of all prejudice,
Free of all existing stereotypes,
Of everything that our civilisation has created to conceal our very human instincts.
Near the end of the dinner the performers brought in huge containers shouting ‘Throw’.
And we started throwing our forks, plates, left out food.
We were throwing the objects and all that was left from our narrow mindedness.
The play that unfolded before our eyes ? the acrobatic tricks, magic, and dance under upbeat rave and rock sounds could hardly be described. And excuse me for not trying to retell the plot of the play and the story of Pamina… For me the show is your intimate and exclusive experience of it. Three hours during which you are encouraged to trust and listen your instincts, to pay attention to the sounds, to keep your eyes fully opened to grasp all of the movement that is taking place, to taste exquisite food and get the pleasure that you seek.
I took part in show where my skin was undressed, my sensuality was fed, and my very emotions were lightened up again.
Near the end of the 3-hour whimsical experience, we were all spoon fed with gooey hazelnut dacquoise cakes ? the sweetness of which was the culmination of the pleasure.
The whole night we were indulging in experiences ? vibrant, inexplicable and certainly unforgettable.
The City for me was and will no longer be the same.
The performers while doing their everyday jobs have certainly changed the ‘voyagers’ who have embarked on this whimsical voyage.
For the first time I freed my mind and once the cold air outside the building brushed against my cheeks I felt incredibly alive. I turned and looked at my 3 companions ? A. B and D.
And their dream-like looks indicated that they still were somewhere in the rooms.
We will linger there for quite a while.
And hopefully will never forget how simple and pleasant life could actually be only if you have the guts to open your hands and fully embrace it.
P.S. If you ever feel like visiting NYC – ‘Queen of the Night’ is simply a must… Soul touching, eye opening, and certainly one of a kind for each an every visitor who has the guts to enter ‘Paramount Hotel’ at 8PM.

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