Motivational Monday: Get Used To Never Give Up!


letters_to_antoinette3Patterns. Habits. Routines. Plans.
And it seems quite enough ? as long as it?s all under control what could possibly go wrong?
Get up, get dressed, kiss ?the One? Goodbye and rush out of worry that you might be late for work.
Work, lunch, work, workout, train, dinner out.
Follow the plan and you?ll succeed. And probably you will to a certain extent and especially if your aim is mediocrity.
I am no different to you.
I plan. I hope. Until reality decides to slap me real hard. A slap that leaves a lasting mark.
?Wake up, girl.?
And just like that a few paths materialize.
Take a coin and toss it in the air ? and while the silver is rotating just run whichever way as it is when  the coin’s still above your head, that you will realise what you truly crave.
Kiss the plan ‘Goodbye’ and open up your arms to embrace the unexpected that’s yet to come.
I thought I had it all figured out. I thought the plan was worth it and my life to follow purely perfect.
And while I?ll keep looking for the little signs, accepting to live out of habit is the thing I’d never settle for.
I wear patterns on my blouse, but my life I’d like to cook the other way around.
And weirdly enough, the control freak that I am, I found that I?m the happiest when my clothes are scattered on the floor & when my schedule?s so hectic that I have no clue where to start from.letters_to_antoinette11letters_to_antoinette4

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