#LifeAsACanvas: 'Is Age Overrated?' And A Cheeky Casual Outfit For A Walk In The Woods

‘One Night Abroad’ and a ‘Hygge’ Outfit Inspired by the Danish Street Fashion

?One Night Abroad? and a ?Hygge? Outfit Inspired by the Danish Street Fashion

Hey there! Recently I shared on LTA?s Facebook page a bit more about my future plans. However, I never got the chance to do so with all of you through the blog itself.
You know, some people get addicted to smoking, others to drugs. Me? I?m addicted to travelling.
?Wanderlust? some call it.
Me? I call it ?a breath of fresh air?.

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Yes, when I linger in one place for more than a month I get this suffocating feeling that raises in me the ultimate NEED to escape (NOW), meet strangers and talk with them about life. Learn from them. Discover their culture.
That?s how I fuel my body and rejuvenate my soul.
In no time inspiration starts running through my veins again prompting my fingers to quickly type down as much as possible about the mind-boggling experiences I?ve had.
Well, for the last few years I?ve (un)packed my suitcase quite often, and while at first it was kind of overwhelming, with time it became mostly therapeutic.
I developed the habit of leaving behind objects and clothes that seemed redundant (damn, I can only imagine the size of my closet if I were to live in one place). By getting rid of my personal possessions I was clearing out enough space to later on fill in with all the couldn?t be touched ? with the friendships I?ve created, the breathtaking memories I?ve cooked, the emotions I?ve sensed whilst on the road.
I?ve spent the last few months in Bulgaria and now I?m more than ready to pack my suitcase once again and leave. The thing is – I?ll be moving to Copenhagen in a few months, a place I?ve never thought I?d ever visit. And I?ll be moving there? 
It still seems rather surreal! 
But thankfully, the more I read about the place, the more I fall in love with it
Recently I was asked how I manage to assimilate myself that quickly into the cultures I visit. The thing is ? I don?t. 
Rather I conceive them as colourful ponds (did I really just said pond?!?!) from which I could take the bits and pieces I like most and incorporate them into my (life)style.
Well, having in mind that Copenhagen doesn?t really resemble the cities I?ve visited before I ended up wondering what I?d be ?stealing? from the Danes in terms of style and lifestyle. As Europe?s 4th largest fashion city I reckon I?ll be more like a full-time fashion student taking notes (literally and metaphorically) while rushing down its streets


Smocked Chiffon Shorts: Forever 21 / Alternative – High-Waisted Mesh Dolphin Shorts: Forever 21

Selected Dynella Shirt: Asos / Alternative – Charlotte Long Sleeved Top: Boohoo
Woven Scarf: Nordstrom / Alternative –  Roffe Accessories Colorblock Scarf

Flatform Sneakers: Stradivarius / Alternative – Platform Lace-Up Sneakers: Forever 21
Tote Bag: Aldo Milroy/ Alternative: Ivanka Trump ‘Blair’ Shopper
Well, after doing some research (and F. devoting quite a bit of his time to sharing with me some firsthand information), it seems that ‘looking sophisticated? will be in all cases swapped with ‘looking cool?. Excuse me, ?effortlessly cool’. I?ll kiss goodbye the straightened hair and let a lazy crazy bun grow on the top of my head, while loosely wrapping the largest scarf I could possibly find around my tiny neck. 

The brightly coloured clothes I was playing with all summer will be also left behind for good? and instead I?ll be cheekily pairing together different shades of black. 

Aw! And remember ? it?s highly important to know at least a few common and well-liked words if you?d like to be welcomed with a ?hygge? smile by the locals. Come on now, have some consideration and do your research! 
Me? You guessed it right! I?ll be inserting ?hygge? in every other sentence I say. How Dane wannabe of me!
To my relief (and to all of you girls who wanna visit the place) heels are no longer a must.
Your Nike Air Max ? are.
You can actually rock your day outfits during the night without anyone noticing. In fact, you?ll be attracting much more attention (negative I must add) if you change into something fancier rather than if you go along with the casual outfit you wore to your 5 PM.
How convenient,  innit?
So! Brace yourself Night Copenhagen – it seem that I?ll finally physically enabled to casually rock my craziest moves while having a cheeky cocktail in Copenhagen’s awesome bars. Excuse me. Underground ones.
Yesterday, all hyped up from a day spent daydreaming about my first night in Copenhagen I pulled off an outfit influenced by the Danish street style and asked my mom to spare a minute and document my very efforts. 

Well, now going through the photos I do realise that my hair is not dyed anywhere near the ?it? colour? ICE BLOND, which really puts a big fat full-stop to all of my efforts in looking as cool as a Dane would. And I did go a little bit overboard pairing a light pink scarf with pinkish flatform sneakers (N.B. the sneakers should be Black. At all times!) but at least I did rock quite a lot of black cloth and my hair up in the messiest possible bun? 
But that?s the thing. You don?t need to look like a Dane to enjoy the Danish culture, meet new people, and establish solid friendships. I know that I?ll be making mental notes every single time I hear a word more than twice and try to uncover its meaning.
I?ll be choosing this and than from their ?hygge? style (?hygge? could be used here, right? ) and incorporating it into my own style.
That?s what I do when I spend time abroad. That?s what I do when I go out for the first time in another country. I learn. I ?take in? the things that impress me and leave out the things that purely don?t. 


I really cannot wait to be strolling up and the down the streets of Nørrebro, sorry, BIKING up and down its streets, feeling and looking all hipster-ish (while overall looking quite Eastern European), all ready to taste the local cuisine, while enjoying the hygge-ness of a diner, ?famous? for aiming to be anything but famous.


Have a whimsical day guys and stay tuned for Thursday’s style post in which I’m doing my first autumn (and hipster) inspired haul.
And make sure to share your thoughts on the Danish Street Style in the comments below.

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