My Thoughts On Being Pregnant Abroad

Okay, Now It Feels Like I’m Really Expecting

letters-to-a-maternity3Time has flown by and in around three weeks I’d back to wearing my non-maternity clothes. Not that I’ve worn a lot of ‘maternity’ pieces during these 9 months but still. If there is something I miss like hell – that’s wearing jeans and high heels. There are these outfits that just don’t go with flats… but anyway… (more maternity outfits here and here).
The pregnancy exhaustion finally hit me. I’ve spent so many months on my feet, being constantly on the go that I seriously didn’t think that such thing as pregnancy tiredness and apathy actually existed. Ohhh, but it does and it suddenly hits you like a wide wave that takes you down and makes you feel it’s impossible to get back on your feet. Today I fell asleep as I was writing a text? Like seriously!? And while I can fall asleep during the day – no problem at all – during the night I’m staring at city light outside like a creepy owl. And you know when you have insomnia and you come up with all these techniques to fall asleep – such as mindfulness – breathing exercises or the old-school counting sheep – the harder it gets. So there I am, lying on my left side and then trying to roll on to my right. Which, if you’ve ever been 9 months pregnant, know that it requires a looooot of energy and effort. letters-to-a-maternity4Vila Belted Dusted Coat (here) // ASOS Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress (here) // Aldo Neoprene Flat Shoes (here) // Dior Sunglasses (here) // LeoWulff Tote (here)

Aw and then the bathroom visits that take place literally all the time during the night. And it’s no longer as it used to be 4 months ago when it was all an illusionary feeling (because the baby is leaning on your bladder). So late in your pregnancy when you feel like you have to go to the restroom – you just HAVE to do so. End of story. And then by the time I snuggle back under the duvet I’m wide awake so the whole process of forcing myself to go to sleep is initiated once again. Only that this time I’m also perfectly aware that I’ve gotten hungry again.
And when we are on the topic of hunger – I’ve also been having pretty bizarre cravings for … wait for it – hot dogs and grilled sandwiches with salami. Me – the dedicated vegetarian. Yes. And I’ve given up on trying to find substitute for meat. I’m curious whether after giving birth I’ll go back to being full-time vegetarian? We shall see. But for now I’m enjoying every taste of that tasty meat. letters-to-a-maternity5letters-to-a-maternity22xoxo

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