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NYC Fashion Bloggers Picnic OOTD – Light, Carefree, and Happy

NYC Fashion Bloggers Picnic OOTD – Light, Carefree, and Happy 
Hey there, lovely,

On Saturday I woke up in the sunniest mood ever! I was just about to join some of the best NYC fashion bloggers for a picnic in Central Park organised by the lovely Tamanika (chair of NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-up Group)
? my first picnic ever ? and guess where! In the Big Apple! Yes, I was super excited and I didn?t wanna hide it. The sun has just peeked through the curtains when I got out of bed and put on my headphones! I was whistling loudly to Chromeo’s ‘Night By Night’ tune whose sound was piercing my ears, while cheekily dancing in front of the mirror.


While working on my Zumba moves I approached the closet
ready to pull off my look of the day. I went through my summer clothes, grabbing
pieces and then leaving them fall on the floor.

‘No, love, you?re not Blair and rocking a dress while lying
on the grass in Central Park sound like anything but the perfect choice, you know?’ I  thought to myself.
And to be honest, I did want to create a look that would illuminate
my personality rather than trigger polished, yet quite
false impressions. At the end of the day that’s fashion is so precious – you can leave your clothes do the talking.


And mulling over the outfits I?ve been wearing lately, it
seemed that I’d been all in for the feminine flawless looks. Am I feminine? I guess to a certain extent. But if I have to describe my personality this would actually be the last epithet that would cross my mind. I?d rather go with quirky. Cheerful, lighthearted and candid. And kind of sarcastic somewhere in-between. Yes, that?s me.

And then there I was all ready to go and join the NYC Saturday crowd on my way to Central Park.
My outfit choice? A white summer oversized
Pull & Bear shirt over some of the shortest beige A.M.N shorts I own. To finish off the look and add a cheeky feel to it I chose my
all-time favourite Pull & Bear platform sneakers in baby pink, a matching Aldo Tote bag and oversized Aldo sunglasses.


Ah! The perfect outfit for such a lovely summer event in the park!
An hour later, after getting lost a few times thanks to MTA weekend service changes, there we were sipping sangria, indulging in humus
and various lovely dishes that the girls had prepared. A did make a mental note to
myself to next time do my best and cook something rather than get ready-to-go yummies from the store. Sorry, dolls!

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Have a lovely time reading!

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