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My Wood Watch by Jord and a Sunday Epiphany

jord_wood_watchesMy Wood Watch by Jord and a Sunday Epiphany
I was around 10 when I first asked my mom why she?d never wear a watch. She?d receive a watch for her birthday and always leave it gather dust in some cupboard in our flat.
My straightforward question evoked an extraordinary answer.
?Well, Antoinette, no watch to my taste?
I thought she was joking; it turns out she wasn?t.jord_wood_watches2‘Ely’ Wood Watch by Jord (here)
?Antoinette, the only watch I?d ever wear is the one that doesn?t tick. And if it doesn?t tick ? it won?t be a watch, would it??
Years have passed since we had that conversation; years during which I?ve become incredibly conscious of the fleetness of time. And without ever opening up the subject again, I silently came to terms with the meaning behind her words.
We shared the same fear: the fear of time. The fear that once a moment?s gone, we wouldn’t be able to ?turn back the clock.?
In contrast to her, I do wear watches. I actually obtained my first a few years back, and I can?t recall, even one time, where it?s showed the correct time. I guess similarly to her, I?ve been repressing my ?fear of time?, silently protesting against the one single thing that I couldn?t control.
Since I moved to Copenhagen I?ve been spending much more time alone, leading these crazy inner dialogues with myself. As I was doing precisely that earlier today at the store, while substituting one of my colleagues, when I heard a cheerful ?Hey there?. I looked up and saw her smiling at me. She was looking for a perfume.
?A travel-size perfume?, she added.
I picked a few of my favorite scents to only find out that we shared the same taste.
And just as we were laughing at a joke, a song by Coldplay came on ? and with it another topic for conversation.
?I love the Body Shop, you know, but we don?t have it back home?.
?Where?s home?? yep, me being more than curious again.
?Bulgaria? she uttered.
My reaction said it all.
We burst into laughter and switched to our mother language.
It probably seems quite mundane ? meeting someone from your home town, while you?re in another country. Well, if you?re an American or English ? or in fact ? German, French, Spanish ? yep, it is. But Bulgarians ? well, due to quite a few historical + economic factors ? Bulgarians don?t fit the stereotypical idea of a ?tourist?, and if they travel ? Scandinavia wouldn’t really be their first choice.
But, okay, let?s say that this situation wasn?t weird at all. And as I was just about to stick my hand to introduce myself, I heard my name rolling out of her mouth.
And then came the shocked gasps and sighs. We both had the same name ?Antoaneta?, a name that?s not that popular at all. You know, you meet up a ?Sarah? quite often, but Anoushka ?maybe a few times in a lifetime. So, you know what I mean.
Why am I telling you that story? I took that peculiar encounter as a sign. A sign that I was at the right place, at the right ?time?.
And during that few minutes we spent talking, I couldn?t care less what the date and exact time was.
jord_watches_3On my way home, mulling over the situation, I had an epiphany.
I have no control over time, sure thing. But similarly, you have no control over a boat without any ropes. But would you ever go deep into the sea chilling on a boat without a rope?
So it?s really entirely up to me to decide whether I?d let myself be terrified by the fleetness of time and whether I?ve made the right choice to move to Denmark, or whether I?d accept that the rope of life is in my hands and it?s up to me to wildly ride it.
So, here I?m wearing my handcrafted wood watch by ?Jord?, whose time I?d also decided to haphazardly change. I choose to wear it as a beautiful accessory, rather than a tool to help me ?be on time?. With all modern gadgets ? we?ve become obsessed with checking the time and constantly rushing. However, reminding yourself that there is no ?right time? to do something exciting, to meet someone extraordinary, and actually have the guts to pursue your dreams… is what remains pretty rare.
The ?wood? of which my watch is made reminds me of my desire to get back to the basics, to get closer to nature, and try distance myself from vanity.
The random time it shows reminds me to be ?present now? and to keep digging deep until I reach my true self.
Am I still scared of time? Saying no would be a lie, but if anything, rather than terrified now I?m pretty excited. Excited coz I know that the rope of life is in my hand, and it?s my decision, where the boat will take me. Meanwhile, I will keep on looking for signs and smile at life every time I come across one.
Wooden Watches

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  • Amie Cadwallader

    I love the fact that your watch is something so different and out there, I think it is beautiful!

    Love, Amie <3

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Great post, time is a crazy thing isn’t it? Hen your noting yourself for so fast when your not the clock hardly seems to move. I love these Jord watches, so unusual but really beautiful
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Thank you so much Lauren! <3 It is a weird thing indeed – but we should be happy that it's all in our hands to decide how to spend it <3

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Rosy Flynn

    This made for such an interesting read, It is weird to bump into people from your hometown, it always gives a weird sense of home but a feeling of displacement too… If you get what I mean.

    I get your mum, I used to feel the same way watching my first watch on the school bus home in my early teens and feeling sad at every second that ticked away.

    I now love watches but for the prettiness side not the getting lost in time watching as can easily happen.

    Stunning watch, I love it.

    Rosy |

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Time is a weird thing, isn’t it? As long as we do our best to get the most of it – we shouldn’t be scared from it, rather we should be excited to live it in the most enjoyable and happy way! <3

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Gemma

    This watch is beautiful and your photography would look at home in a magazine!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Cant stop reading your stories 🙂
    И да си мина направо на български? :))))) Адски съм впечатлена от маниера ти на писане, и друг път съм казвала, че си страшно вдъхновяваща! Продължавай в този дух! Чувствам се толкова уютно и толкова положително настроена, когато те чета. Умееш да оправяш настроения, а повярвай ми една бременна жена в 8мия месец има честа нужда от подобряване на настроението хахахаха
    Поздрави от Германия! 🙂
    Мери 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Здравей, прекрасна Мери!
      Изключително много ти благодаря за топлите думи и за това че ми припомни защо започнах този сайт преди година и половина! Не мога да спра да се усмихвам и това само и единствено благодарение на теб!
      Бременна в 8мия месец!? Това е повече от вълнуващо! Ще се радвам да поддържаме връзка и в бъдеще, а ако имаш път към Копенхаген ще се радвам да се видим.
      Поздрави и целувки,

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • С най-голямо удоволствие бих посетила Копенхаген някой ден! Изглежда като магическо кътче :)))) Още повече ще се радвам да се видим, толкова си зареждаща <3 Докато това стане факт, защото сигурна съм, че ще стане някой ден, ще продължам със страшен кеф да те чета!
      Пожелавам ти още повече усмивки, сладурке!
      Поздрави и целувки и от мен!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • This watch is GORGEOUS, as is your photography!

    lillies and lipbalm


    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Love this design, it’s just stunning plus so unique too & you’ve captured it all so beautifully in your photos x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

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