One Year Since We Became Each Other's 'Life'

My Travel Wishlist 2017

Okay… FRENDS headphones (here) are simply AMAZING! The design is to die for and from what I’ve heard the sound is also a killer. frends-headphones

I’m going for their TAYLOR model, and will probably get a few extra caps so that I can swap the rosegold with depending on my outfit. And as the founders of FRENDS say… there is no ‘I’ in FRENDS – how not fall in love with what they do?mahi-duffle-bagI’ve been looking for a travel bag for a long time, but I’ve been struggling to find the right now. Today I stumbled upon MAHI’s Armada Duffle Bag (here) and as my birthday was back in June I’m adding it to my personal travel wish list. I just can’t wait to lay my hands on it, and then take it along with me to make some memories around the world. As MAHI gives you an  option for having your initials on it – I will be definitely having an AJ on it. It’s also big enough to fit some of  Sofia’s belonging, so that I will no longer have to carry two hand

I‘m a little bit sick and tired of carrying  a few cameras with me (that I use for different purposes) when I go travelling. The solution? Getting an Optical camera lens by Sony (here) created for all smartphone users. Very handy …and lighter luggage if you ask me! frends-headphonesbkr-reusable-bottleTo accessorise my outfit even more (yes, because that’s how I’m choosing my items), I will be also ordering a BKR Reusable Bottle (here) to take with me to the gym, when travelling, or just lying on the beach. BKR’s bottles are made of glass, which means – no more plastic bottles for me :).

A travel wallet? YES, please! When I get off of the airplane I end up having all my belongings at the bottom of my bag in a big pile of mess.  So… Ted Baker Travel Organiser (here) is exactly what I need! I will be able to arrange fit my travel essentials in it my headphones, passport, phone in and have an easy access to them every time I need

And what’s on your travel wish list?

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