Happy Children's Day, Sofia-Malou!

My Postpartum Body

letters-to-a-yogaBefore I got pregnant I thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle. In reality I was eating a low-carbs diet,  exercising a little bit too much and being way too conscious about the foods I was eating.
The thing is – obsessing over what you eat and being a health-freak doesn’t really make you a  healthy living being. But it wasn’t until I conceived that I finally got in terms with that that and began to really care for my body and treat it with respect.
I learned that eating less is far more worse than eating small portions but often. I grasped that exercising a few times a week is enough and there is no need for me to hit the gym every single day.letters-to-a-sport1You can find amazing sportswear at Nelly.com (here) and Misguided (here). I got my Nike’s from their official website (here), in coral, of course – the more aggressive colour my trainers – the better!

When Sofia was 4 weeks old, I felt the urge to get back in shape. Dieting wasn’t an option – I was breastfeeding and my understanding of ‘being healthy’ had also changed a lot.
I had gotten into the habit of eating regularly and didn’t feel like doing cardio sessions all the time. I began doing pilates, yoga, and toning exercises all by myself at home while Sofia-Malou was asleep. Believe it or not – my body responds much better to the toning exercises I do on the matt than to the hard core HIIT cardio workouts I was obsessed with back in my pre-pregnancy days.
My favourite online pilates teacher is Boho Beautiful so make sure to check her out. Now I don’t exercise to be skinny. I exercise to get in tune with my chi and boost my energy that I need to have for when Sofia-Malou wakes up from her nap. If you’re also a newbie mommy, you’re probably also aware of the nasty side effects the sleep deprivation has on your psyche. So rather than beat yourself up over the fact that you have no time for going to the gym or your favourite class – grab a mat, a glass of water, and use the 15 spare minutes you have (while your little one is asleep) for doing some pilates . There is no excuse to giving yourself and your body what it deserves.

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