Travelling for the First Time as a Mommy

My New Marble Obsession

letters-to-a-abbott-mosley1One of the curses of spending most of my time at home is called ‘online shopping’ and I’m pretty sure some of you newbie mommies have fallen under its spell too. But if there is one single thing I can’t get enough of that’s everything made of white marble with greyish details (very important). If I could have my kitchen board, coffee table, bathroom sink made of marble, oh my – my life would be complete. Okay, I got a little bit carried away here – but you know what I mean.
So there I was surfing the net in hopes of finding the perfect pair of sunglasses and watch with marble detail. It’s a difficult job finding anything with real marble, until, oh, you holy google, introduced me to Abbott & Mosley‘s pieces made of Italian marble. Say what? That meant only one thing – each and every watch is unique. And that’s where I just couldn’t resist the temptation…and here I’m today walking around with that eye candy on my wrist.letters-to-a-abbott-mosley-watchWhen I saw the watch in real life I got immediately  inspired to take a few creative photos some of which you can see above. For more ‘marble’ inspiration visit Abbott and Mosley’s Instagram (here) and FB page (here). And for those of you also keen on marble – make sure to give their pages a like + write your name in a comment below the post for a chance to win one of their pieces. The winner will be announced tomorrow so go go go!
And you?
And you? Is there a piece you’ve recently bought online that you’re incredibly happy with?

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