The Official Launch of MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA

My New Arm Candy: Pandora Double Blue Leather Bracelet

My New Arm Candy: Pandora Double Blue Leather Bracelet 
Okay, when I was in Uni, I just couldn?t get all the hype surrounding Pandora. Honestly, almost every girl was a proud owner of one and was receiving a cute charm every now and then. And me, rebelling against most things mainstream, I just never got tempted today my hands on a bracelet like theirs. And here I’m today blogging my heart out from Danish Land…or may I say Pandora’s Land? Little did I know that Pandora was actually first established here, in Copenhagen! I got the chance to learn that fact the very day I left Bulgaria and met up with Ina to say our goodbyes. The moment she saw me she handed over to me a cute white bag. I quickly unwrapped the gift and spotted this absolutely amazing Pandora Double Blue Leather Bracelet (here) with two charms already put on it. First, let me tell you something ? I?m a bracelet girl. I can skip the earrings as well as the necklaces ? but bangles, bracelets, watches ? they are sooooooo my thing. And in contrast to the classic Pandora silver bracelet, the one I received just shouted ?Antoinette’ and went perfectly with the strap of my Daniel Wellington watch (here) which I?ve been wearing ALL THE FREAKIN? time since I got it for Christmas. But what truly smitten were the two little charms that Ina had already added to the bracelet –  a little suitcase with DK (Denmark) encrusted on it as well as a tiny OWL ? the symbol of wisdom ? a reference to an injoke we used to make.


 Okay, that was the moment the first tear rolled down my cheek. And to make the situation even more emotional and teary, Mina, who was also there, took off Her Pandora bracelet to give me one of her lucky charms made of a few hearts. But wait a minute! I’d been already a proud owner of a beautiful charm, that carried a lot of sentimental value, the yin and yang I received from the rest of my girlfriends for my 24th birthday (here). Seriously, even MoG’s latest monochrome collection in collaboration with ‘Letters to Antoinette’ was inspired by that sign (here).
And there I was crying my heart out an hour prior to my flight, all tipsy from the white wine we had at lunch. I was staring down my wrist, wondering what’s ahead of me and examining my new arm candy that made me see Pandora from an entirely new angle. It was no longer just another Pandora bracelet. It was MY bracelet that carried so much memories and symbolic meaning. And at the end of the day – every object is just an object until it receives its special meaning. ‘Home’ is what I carry on my wrist today, while strolling down the streets of Pandora land.
Any thoughts on the Pandora’s bracelets? Are you also a proud owner of one?
Lots of love,

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