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My Hair Secrets: My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray by Lee Stafford

lee_staford_big_fatMy Hair Secrets: My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray by Lee Stafford
When it comes to styling my hair, there’s certainly one thing I can’t live without – my texturising spray. After finishing off quite a few bottles since I moved to Copenhagen, I decided that it’s time that I gave something  that I’ve never tried before a go.
I went to Matas (the local equivalent of Boots) and spotted a product named ‘My Big Fat…’ the rest of the sentance was pretty irrelevant with the first few words immediately grasping my attention. Awww ‘a cheeky promotional trick’ I thought, but still, one that did its job and managed to capture my attention. I’ve only heard about Lee Stafford’s products before, but never actually tried them on my hair. And while making up my mind whether that hairspray-spray wax-sea salt all-in-one miraculous product was what I wanted to get, a few girls had already come and taken quite a few of the bottles away. It turns out Lee Stafford is ‘the thing’ for hair here. Okay, I just had to then hehe.
To my biggest surprise (yeah, I also thought it was more of a craze for that all-in-one spray rather than anything else) that magic-in-a-bottle actually worked! I got overly excited when I saw what a huge difference it made to my hair and here I’m sharing with you what my latest hair secret is. My hair is now smoother, has texture, and it’s soooo huge that I don’t have to tweeze it or use any other styling product. I personally use sprays on wet hair, so I spritz some of the slushy texturiser and then blow-dry my hair to perfectly style it. Of course, if you wanna get more of a beach-y, effortlessly cool undressed look – then leave your hair to air dry and then just tousle it a bit.
And the best thing – even though it’s also a wax – it won’t make your hair oily at all! Aw, yeah and it does smell divine. So in case you’re also looking for a product to help you get celebrity hair at home (and that on a budget) – My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray by Lee Stafford (here) is what you’re looking for.
Which is your holy grail hair texturiser?
P.S. Wanna know which are some of my all-time favourite hair products? Press here. <3

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