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Life Lately and Why I Chose To Write in English

letters-to-a-neutral3It’s an exciting week guys!
Yesterday I had one of my last shifts at the Body Shop, while a few days ago I passed my Danish exam and now I officially have the time to sit back and reflect. But actually before I can do that and enjoy my time off there are a couple of things more that lie ahead …
Tomorrow is the day I kiss the singlehood goodbye (okay, we all know that I’m VERY in a relationship with Philip) but as of tomorrow when I’m completing documents I will no longer cross the single box. People keep on asking me whether I feel anxious, scared and all… but why would I be? For me it’s just a formality and a great excuse to spend a day when I have him only for myself. Hehe
Only a day after that, we’re gonna pack our bags and fly back to Bulgaria to have 2 cosy weeks together without being stressed from work and being constantly on the go. Talking about Bulgaria, I keep getting the same question over and over again in regards to why my blog is in English and not in my mother language. And frankly, I’m more than flattered that even you, who’d have preferred to read there entries in Bulgarian, keep reading them despite that they are in English.
The thing is, when I came up with the idea to start a blog, it was because I enjoyed writing essays in English – I just thought why not do it online. I’ve spent my University years preparing essays and ultimately writing my thesis in English (something that my High School in Bulgaria had been previously preparing me for) . I had already fallen in love with expressing myself in English, plus I’d gotten used to hearing it all the time having spend quite some time abroad.

letters-to-a-neutral-colours12Mamalicious Shorts (here) // Pink Crew Neck Sweater MissGuided (here) // NLY Trand Trenchcoat (here) // LeoWulff Bag (here) // Alternative to my Shoes -ASOS Day Trip Platform Trainers (here) // Glasses by KAIBOSH (here)

On the top of that now I live in Copenhagen (where thankfully everyone speaks English even the elderly people), which makes it even more logical to keep my blog in English.

So when you do the maths – should I keep my blog be accessible and comprehensible for the majority of the Internet users or turn it all around, start writing in Bulgarian and limit it to a country I love but unfortunately don’t reside in any more.
And just think about it. When you live in a certain place – you go out, visit galleries, cafés, you get acquainted with the local culture; buy clothes from the local boutiques. And undoubtedly the chances are much higher that a person from that country will be interested in visiting those places and would be willing to research them in first place than someone from abroad. That’s why there are plenty of Bulgarian bloggers who write about the fashion and local culture in Bulgarian.
I used to be good in writing essays in Bulgarian, but now I’ve noticed that my writing has become much clumsier and unoriginal. And that’s the thing when I was a teenager I made the choice to move and study abroad and spend my life somewhere else. My blog wasn’t an isolated or pretensions choice, but triggered by the life changing decision to live abroad.
I hope this has shed a light on the question and now it makes a little bit more sense why I made the decisions  more than happy to answer any other questions you have – but now I’m off because I have to do way too many things by the end of today. Coz tomorrow – I’m off to get married <3

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  • Seeing as English isn’t your first language you write it very well! Definitely keep it up! Also yay, I hope your marriage day went well! 🙂

    Heather Xx

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  • Milena

    I like and follow your blog. It sounds very good in English, but if that’s the case it should be a good idea to remove the Danish language. Functions and leaving a comment is a pain in the a$$

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  • Galina Kurteva

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you!

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