'When you think of the universe...what do you imagine is at the ends?'

Let your “Slogan” do the talking

Let your “Slogan” do the talking

It was one of those days when you wake up and you already feel dizzy and tired? One of those days when your eyelids involuntary shut before they?ve been properly opened. One of those days when you look out of the window in the hope to see colours? and instead gloomy greyness fills your sight.
Yes, one of those days when you crave to lay your body down and spend countless hours contemplating your life, condemning yourself for the mistakes you?ve made, meanwhile completely unable to undertake any actions towards consoling yourself.

This is precisely how yesterday began for me. Though I?d previously planned my day ahead (as well as my blog post), unfortunately no words or well-formed ideas were coming to my mind. I was instead cuddled under the duvet, forcing myself to fall asleep and spend the whole day just like that – in misery and solitude.

The phone suddenly rang; it was B. who suggested we had a coffee. Though my body initially refused to obey, in my mind I knew that my mood couldn?t possibly get any worse. I crawled out of bed and dug out of the closet a creamy jumper bearing the slogan ?FML: F*** My Life?.

I put it on and stared at myself in the mirror. FML? Wait a minute. Really?
I was going to NY in less than two weeks.
I?ve started blogging only a month ago and the levels of support I?ve received are simply remarkable!
I was just about to spend a sunny afternoon with one of the loveliest people I know.
My family loves and supports me.
And so does my boyfriend.
?. And as the list could get quite lengthy I?d like to stop here and just be grateful for all I’ve got.

I ceased thinking and undressed myself; I threw away my jumper and with it the negativity and gloomy mood. My eyes spotted a huge ?Bonjour? and my hand reached out to take the sweater. And indeed a sunny ?Beau Jour? was lying ahead of me.


1. Jumper: Tally Weijl 
2. Faux Leather Leggings: Tally Weijl
3. Blazer: Mango
4. Fur Sleeveless Coar: Designer 
5. Bracelet: Sephora
6. Bag: Caleidos 
7. Trainers: Impress 


Well, the high-end designers have certainly granted us the chance to make a clear statement not only through dressing our bodies in quirky pieces and colours, but through employing words as well.
They are everywhere indeed. Look at these few amazing pieces by Jeremy Scott, DKNY, and Undercover ? a few the designers who have fully embraced and cheekily played around with the slogan trend – be it in their male or female collections.

1. DKNY/2. Jeremy Scott/3. Undercover/4. Jeremy Scott/ 5. DKNY

I went out to meet up with B. and enjoy one of the yummiest Margheritas we?ve ever actually tasted. We were laughing, joking around and sipping cranberry juice and cappuccino.


When we left the Italian café B. started taking some casual photos of me and suddenly asked me to jump. Jump??? 

Yes, we were being carefree and adventurous ? trying the food at a brand new Italian restaurant as well as attempting to create some quirky photos. Well, oddly enough, it turned out that I couldn?t jump. I mean, literally, my ?flying? poses were rather awkward and overly funny.
But they did make us laugh.
A lot.
And the passing by strangers too.
They were giggling, entertained by my goofiness and I was so delighted to see that their mood was also boosted.

One simple word and one eccentric jump ? they did change my whole state of mind. But that’s what we are, as people ? in one second feeling down and in the other rather happy. Yes, colourful creatures who are able to feel. Sometimes in blue, sometimes in yellow, and sometimes in red.


So boys and girls, brace yourselves for a splash of “words” all over your clothes… and why not let them do the talking? You ready?

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Lots of love,

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