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L for Lullaby.

lyngbyL for Lullaby.
A couple of months have passed since I moved to Lyngby, a small city north of Copenhagen. Before I set foot here, I’d never imagined living in a small city, but here I am loving every bit of it.
And, don’t get me wrong – I still get utter excitement from the thought of getting lost in the big city & exploring its hidden secrets, only this time I have someone to come along with me.lyngby_styleWith each passing day since I moved for good I’ve been coming in terms with the truth: my affection for starting over and travelling around was nothing but a way to repress my feelings, or lackings. Every day I’d wake up ready to conquer the city, make new friends, and pave my way in. It was like a game that ended the moment the car horns weren’t loud enough to silence my thoughts that I was incredibly ‘lonely’.
I had managed to trick myself into thinking that ‘lonely’ & ‘alone’ are ultimately the same thing.
I had turned into a modern nomad,  blogger, with no real sense of belonging, constantly joking that my life was stuffed in a suitcase. My roots were far from enough to make me feel ‘home’ back in the place where I grew up. My heart was restlessly aiming to conquer one city after another, unable to understand how all those people living back home would live their ‘happily ever after’ in such a tiny place.
Weirdly Copenhagen is around the size of Sofia, in fact a bit smaller, and Lyngby – tiny in comparison to where I come from. And yet, for the first time in a very long time I have a place to call ‘home’ And when walking down its streets, and breathing in the chilly air, all that comes out when I’m breathing out is the tune of a blissful lullaby.
My cynical attitude towards the cliché ‘Home is where the heart is’ has evaporated the moment I let my life out of the suitcase.letters_to_antoinette copyletters_to_a copy
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