I might not be a photographer, but a selfographer I
certainly am. No matter whether at a party or on a stroll around the city,
I?d never miss an occasion to snap a cheeky #selfie.

The other day when A. and
I were doing the photo shoot for #TRENDS2015:SCRATCH THE WINTER BLUES AND GO FOR THE NUDES , he secretly took a photo of me taking a couple of #selfies. But frankly, quite a lot of time has passed since I felt in any way awkward taking a #selfie in public. Aw, and by that way, while going through the photos I?ve taken over the last few years, it seems that I?ve always been quite keen on them, especially when on holiday. However, it’s really since becoming a full-time blogger that my phone and DSLR camera have become an extension of my hand, always at my disposal to take a photo of myself. Today, inspired by the photos A. took of me I thought why not share with you a few tips for how to take the  perfect coolest #selfie.


Even though I take quite a lot of photos of myself while driving or while chilling at home (such a revelation, right), undoubtedly my most popular uploads have always been snapped at some unique locations. And actually that?s why I love selfies so much! You don?t need to be with someone to capture some picture-worthy place. When I?m abroad and get out to explore the city, I?d always take a selfie with a cool background, as I don?t really get postcard photos. You?re right there, so why not take a photo with you in the frame too? While chilling at Central Park and walking around Barcelona, I snapped some pretty awesome selfies with some whimsical views at the background. However, if you?ve decided that today?s location is your flat ? please, make sure that there aren’t any weird objects or naked people creepily peeking from behind. No one wants to get that personal, seeing any of your underwear or dirty dishes. Aw, and if you have a camera stick – use it so that more people can join you in the photo.

Natural light, especially at sunrise and sunset, is what will make your #selfie stand out from the crowd. At midday when the sun is positioned just above your head, I suggest you restrain yourself from snapping any photos of yourself. The brightly shining sunrays create a shadow which will create the impression that you have bags under your eyes. And if you’re at home, go near a window and let the light illuminate your face. And beware, if you aspire to become a selfie pro, then it’s time for you to stop reversing your the camera of your smartphone, as this will make the quality of the photo much poorer. Aw, and another tip – remove the cover of your phone if you’re to use its main camera! It took me ages until I finally grasped why my friends with cover-less phones took better-quality photos than me. This applies for the flash as well. We all take mirror #selfies no matter how much ‘hate’ comments they might trigger. Just forget about the flash, okay? 
No matter the particular #selfie situation, if you check out my photos below, you’d notice that I’d always take a photo from an angle higher than my line of vision: all shadows will be highlighted, while you’ll appear skinnier, as flashing a double chin is not the most flattering thing, is it? Also, find out which angle works best for you… For me it’s always the ride side I’d turn my face to so that my left one’s captured in the photo. 

The ‘Myspace’ kind of ‘duck face’ vibe is no linger trendy. I used to do mouth pouts pretty much all the time, until I finally took a photo of myself flashing out my biggest smile. From that moment onwards I’ve somehow swapped the pout with being natural or quirky. And really – learn from the best! You’d never see Cara working the ‘pout’ – if anything she’d be probably shouting or doing a goofy awkward face. So please don’t get yourself too seriously – just try something bold and new. Aw, and while doing so -goddamn it –  ‘smize‘… as Tara’s always advised. Not sure how to do it?  Just squint your eyes a little and think about something nice. Voila – a smize! And remember, a photo taken on a whim always looks better than a one that was obviously staged.  

Experimenting with different filters is my passion and you’d rarely see me uploading photos which would appear overly samey. Of course, I have my #insta favourites: Mayfair, Amaro and Rise. However, over time I’ve learned that it’s the warmer filers that go down well, being much more inviting and pleasing for the viewer. If you’re uncertain of the type of filer you should be using, why not try with one that complements your photo? Was the selfie taken at the seaside? Go for the warmer Rise!  Snapped a selfie while snowboarding – then a filter with a cooler undertone would be! Other apps I’d normally use to edit my photos are Photofy and Afterlight. For more editing tips, check out my Instagram related post here.  
As images are quite flat, the last thing you want is your hair to appear flatter than it would in real life, right? So prior to pressing the button of your camera, whip it back and forth, mess it up a bit, or tease it. As the Director at Assembly Salon in L.A., Jacqueline Bush advises ‘Your hair needs more volume both up top and around the sides, as photos tend to shrink it.’ I’m quite used to teasing my hair, so I’d rarely encounter the ‘flat hair’ problem. And really, when I think about it, the best photos I’ve taken were the ones in which my hair was curly and messy and I guess that kind of proves the ‘volume’ point. Aw, and you can also try with some hair thickening products such as Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray (here). And what about your lips? If you want them to appear fuller, apply some gloss over the lipstick, especially if it contains mint as it will plump up your lips. 
Girl, please, please, please, enough with the tons of make-up prior to taking your #selfie which requires you to get quite close to the camera. Layering tons of make up looks rather clownish seen from up close. Just go for a more natural look, using a foundation that will conceal any facial imperfections, and add some bronzer to contour your face. Then it’s all about highlighting your cheeks, chin and nose to give them some healthy-looking glow. Actually, Dior, inspired by the #selfie has recently launched a new fluid foundation ‘Star’ (here) using titanium as the main ingredient, especially for the #selfie’s purpose! I came across it a couple of days ago and have already ordered it and I simply cannot wait to give it a try and let you know whether it keeps it promise of perfecting the face. 


Currently, I’m using Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ (here) in shade ‘Sand’ to achieve the perfect dewy look that I so much like for my #selfies. If, however, you have an oily skin, then I suggest you go for a product with a matte finish like CHANEL’s PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET (here).
For some odd reason, I’d quite often give a cheeky kiss to the camera. Don’t ask me why. I reckon that’s become one of my signature facial expressions. Another thing I’d normally do, is go for a quirky face and capture another person who’s far behind me peeking from the background. So work your signature pose and cool facial expressions and at all times – try to do something funny. Jessica’s not afraid to pull off a goofy face, so why should you be? 

And I should definitely stop with the cheeky eyebrow rise! 

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Dress: Vero Moda Long Sleeve Loose Tunic Dress HERE // Ganni Ellen Tunic Dress in Boucle Knit HERE // Shoes: FOREVER 21 Faux Patent Leather Pumps (HERE) //Jimmy Choo Abel (HERE)// Shorts: AEO Midi Shorts (HERE)// AccessoriesMANGO SUNGLASSES HERE

I hope you found that useful and just make sure to have fun while snapping your heart out. 
Aw, and make sure to leave any additional tips you might have in comments below <3 

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