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Healthy Copenhagen: Kaf’Bar 9

kompat_kafe_batHealthy Copenhagen: Kaf’Bar 9
If there?s a food I?ve kind of grown addicted to since I moved to Copenhagen ? that?s their much adored rye bread toast.
Honestly, if there?s something a typical Danish can?t live without that?s his bread. You know how you usually get labeled depending on the clothes you wear ? well, here it?s all about the bread you eat. Are you more of a bakery/organic foodie or you know ?an easy breezy? I’m not bothered what bread I eat kind of person? If you pick number 2. then it’s not very likely that you were born and bred in Denmark. So if you want to blend in – then go and find your favourite ‘bageri’ (there are quite a few chain bakeries), yep, everyone has their favourite, as well as favourite type of bread – is the rye one, or the one with mørk malt etc, etc? After all when you go to brunch and get asked you need to have an appropriate answer.
But today we?re not talking about the adorable Copenhagen ?bageri? or their absolutely mouth-watering bread ? we?re talking about my new favourite food ? rye bread toast with avocado on the top. How simple, healthy, and yummy, right?
And still, it had never crossed my mind to have one before I moved to Denmark. Aw, and also, it?s not easy thaaaat easy to prepare. To get it right ? you need to balance the tastes so make sure to add some salt, pepper, and crème fraîche.
One of the best rye bread with avocado I?ve had is in Kaf?Bar9, situated right in the heart of Copenhagen. They?ve named it ?avocado snack? and top it up with some home-made honey dressing.
Of course, I have also come up with my own recipe to make when I am at home all alone. All you need is some yummy rye bread (I like the one with tons of seeds in it), some crème fraîche, red onion (yes, it makes all the difference), olive oil, salt, and pepper. If I am a bit more on the hungry side, I top it all up with one poached egg. Et voilà – a yummy snack that’s also perfectly suitable to have after an exhausting workout.
And you, which is your favourite food at the moment?

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