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Happy Children’s Day, Sofia-Malou!

letters-to-a-sofia-eti12 You’re a little bit over 8 months, Sofia. And quite frankly, that’s the biggest milestone you’ve reached so far. We’ve been inseparable since the day you came into my life. And that’s exactly the reason why I often fail to notice the extent to which you’re changing every single day. But here you are, only a few months away from turning 1 and already giving me kisses, copying different sounds and standing up all by yourself. You’re also kinda crawling, something I thought you’d skip and go straight to walking. The first time you gave it a go was a few days ago, when I was performing the Downward dog. You did almost the same in your attempt to get on your feet – and without any doubt that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.letters-to-a-philip-eti112   T-Shirt by minimum (here) // Watch by Abbott & Mosley (here) // Skirt by minimum (here) // Sunglasses by Quay Australia (here) // Baby Dress Le Chic (here) // Baby Summer Hats by babyshop.dk (hereletters-to-a-malou111You jumped from using a bottle straight to drinking from a cup and straw… and your favourite drink is still my milk. You have your ways and you’re quite independent. Your favourite activity is to lay on the ground and move around all by yourself – chasing toys and exploring the mundane surroundings that you probably see in a pretty whimsical way. So much is happening every single day and I’m mesmerised every time you wave at me Hello or clap your hands at the sight of our little yorkie running around.letters-to-a-sofia-malou1letters-to-a-malou-auntletters-to-a-sofia23 letters-to-a-sofia1111
Happy First International Children’s Day, my girl!


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