My Writer's Block: Silently Grieving & Dealing With Loss

Happy Brunching with D.

Happy Brunching with D.

When I moved to Denmark I found out ‘brunch’ is a ‘Holy Grail’ word here. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, especially knowing that religion is anything but on pedestal around – but, well, you know what I mean. Danes Just Love Their Brunch. Full-stop.

So if you’re a local – there is really no need to further convince you in the accuracy of that statement, and if you’re an expat like me – you should have learned by now that brunch is ‘da thing’.

But, of course, sometimes, when you live abroad, what you really need is someone to open up the door and show you through their eyes ‘how’ that brand new place actually is.

Moving to Denmark was a massive challenge. All I could remember thinking back was that constant sense of suffocating loneliness that was blocking me from seeing & believing that things would eventually get better.

It was obvious – I had to do something to make this ‘new life’ work for me. I had to get out there, explore the place, meet new people – until I finally feel ready to call Copenhagen ‘home.’

And if you by any chance find yourself in a similar situation – remember the magic doesn’t happen when you sob at home. Magic happens when you actually shake that magic wand of yours.

So there I was, downloading and signing up on ‘’ hoping to stumble upon events that could click with me so that I could get out there and do some serious socializing.

But after joining one event, well, I kinda gave up. I learned more about the American culture than the Danish, and I just couldn’t see myself getting anywhere by attending that Meet Up once again.

Just I was about to get rid of the app – one particular name in another ‘Meet Up’ group caught my sight: ‘Diyana Dimitrova’. I immediately dropped her a line.

‘Where are you from?’ How impolite of me.
I saw the answer coming while she was still typing it back ‘Bulgaria :)’.

And while I’m not really the type of person who would use nationality as a reason enough for bonding, well, the fact that we were both signed up for the same group and had this weird online moment, counted for something. Plus – why not really? A blind date for ‘friendship’ ? Hell yeah.

We quickly discovered that we both were ‘winos’ so there we were going for a glass of wine in one of the hip places in town.

The glass of wine turned into a bottle with the stories smoothly flowing from one to another.
We were talking & laughing over the weird way of stumbling upon each other’s path and often found each other finishing our sentences off.

She was actually the one to give me that nudge to believe that one day I could actually conceive of Denmark as ‘home’. She’d already settled down, completely familiar with the Danish way and most importantly loving it all the way. The spark in her eyes and always present smile lit in me the belief that all the best was yet to come.

Happy Birthday, D & many thanks  for being here for me and giving me all those cheeky hints that helped me settle down and also fall in love with that beautiful town.

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