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Gift-Wrapping and…Some Cheeky Unwrapping

enmark is changing me…like really! I’ve never in my life imagined myself wrapping presents…I used to let other people do it for me or just opted for the American way using Christmas bags instead. But the whole Danish Christmas  ‘hygge’ took Christmas to an entirely different level for me. And gift wrapping is a big part of it. So here I am being very Danish cutting paper, choosing props and bows to place on the presents with a cup of chai in hand.
To make it all even more cosy.. of course I added some fairy lights.christmaspresentsMy parents are also arriving tomorrow to celebrate Christmas here. In fact, it’s my first Christmas in Denmark too so I’m crazily excited to taste the Danish traditional dishes, walk around the Christmas tree, and sing some Danish songs.
I’m also so relived to be ‘online’ again. Only a week before Christmas I decided that it was time to kiss my laptop ‘Goodbye’. On Saturday morning, while changing Sofia-Malou’s diaper and being half-asleep I spilled some water on it. Even though it was just a little bit, well, it was enough to ruin it completely. Later on the same day Philip surprised me with a new one – my Christmas present that I received earlier, because he was afraid that I was gonna have laptop abstinence. And that’s never a good thing.
It was such an amazing surprise (and it came at the right time) and also something that I needed a lot. With my previous laptop I struggled a lot while editing videos on FinalCutPro and using Photoshop etc. Now, equipped with a Macbook Pro I have no excuse, but sit and and get some work done!
Okay, enough for my present, because now I’m buzzing to see Philip’s reaction when he rips the wrapping paper apart! It’s literally the best feeling to see that you have picked just the right thing! But I will keep you posted!
And you? Are you all done with the Christmas shopping?

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