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YouTube Content LabAre you also one of those people who constantly seek inspiration in order to get things done? It’s crazy how many ideas I’ve had for my YouTube channel and my blog and yet there is always something that comes my way and obstructs me to turn them into reality.
Mr. Perfectionism dressed in ‘Fear of Failure’. That’s what comes.
A few days before the kick off of the YouTube marathon Eli and I attended, I was considering skipping it. I had shifts at the Body Shop at the exact same days and the thought of cancelling them made me feel incredibly anxious.
One of the things that I really struggle and ultimately CANNOT do is cancelling work arrangements – it seriously makes my anxiety levels skyrocket.
So there I was, wide awake trying to figure out what to do and whether I should contact my manager and take the days off or just repress the whole thing and pretend that the event weren’t taking place. The thread of thoughts that I needed the money and that not going to work would ruin my reputation for always being there when they needed me just wouldn’t let me think straight.
‘Was I for real?’ Was I really holding a battle  ‘My dreams (Future)’ vs. ‘Pocket Money (Something Fleeting)?
letters_to_a_youtube_seminar copySAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDamn! Looking back, it seems almost surreal that I considered not turning up to the seminars as a valid option. Thankfully, after a few chats with Philip, I ended up contacting my boss and telling her why I was gonna be absent. I guess it would’ve been easier to say that I was not feeling well, but why would I? It was my dreams at stake and if I wasn’t ready to fight for them – even if that meant not going to my part-time job – well, then who would? Gathering up some courage and not going to work meant a lot. Why? Because quite often you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to win. You need to be ready to let go in order for another positive thing to take place instead. How was I to ever put together YouTube videos if I was gonna keep on putting my part-time job as priority?
So there we were, Eli and I learning a lot about YouTube, from YouTube itself and the knowledge we acquired was precious.
Do I feel I inspired? More than ever – because I spend a day with people who had the same mindset, while learning about a subject I’m deeply passionate about.
And if you’ve never been in the exact same situation, I’m pretty sure you can remember a few moments in your life when you were facing a choice – between ‘A’ that would make you happy and ‘B’ your comfort zone that makes you feel safe. And believe it or not – you’re not doomed. Just be honest with yourself and do what feels right. The result is more than rewarding.
‘You can get what you want or you can just get old.’ B.J.
With that said – if you have any video requests let me know in the comments below.

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  • Pretty cool articel!
    Keep on writing 🙂
    Greetings from Germany

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  • Повтарям се сигурно за 600-тен път, но ти самата си едно вдъхновение и винаги, когато те чета ми иде да пиша и аз хаха
    Прекрасна си! <3 Гуш за теб и сладкото ти коремче!

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