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From ‘Black’ to ‘Happy’ Friday

letters-to-a-mommyIt’s so easy to forget that life is what you make it. I used to read inspiration books, practicing the law of attraction all the time and then collecting the fruits of my labour. And it was great – my life was headed in the right direction and everything was falling into place.
Until all of a sudden I stopped projecting positive thoughts and started living from day to day, focused solely on the day I’d meet Sofia-Malou. Today I often catch myself thinking about the future and being uncertain in regards to what it holds, as if I’ve completely forgotten that it depends solely on how I paint it. It’s similar to when we say that being a mother is stressful. But hey, that quality (stress) hasn’t popped up in my life as a result of being a mommy, conversely it’s a quality that we often end up attributing to that big life change. It’s an experience that comes from within rather than from the outside.
Honestly, reflecting on the past 2 months I can’t say that being a mommy is a stressful experience. I FIND certain aspects of what is taking place stressful such as having less time to work on a blogpost or exercise, but that’s a feeling I’ve created myself and then attached to my current situation. So today exactly on ‘Black Friday’ I challenge myself to begin ‘experiencing more happiness and ease every time I feel I have no time to do my work, because I’m lucky enough spend it on my daughter instead’… and to see the situation as a great opportunity to learn how to be more organised and multi-task even more successfully.
Ultimately, I need to make some small adjustments so that I don’t end up falling into the trap of  ‘creating’ this experience of stress and attributing it me being a mommy.

Believe it or not this applies to every aspect of life. We often say ‘Oh, I just watched such a sad film’ or ‘Have you read this book? It’s incredibly inspiring!’. But inspiring to whom? What you find inspiring might be boring and
inadequate for someone else. No object or situation is the same when observed through different eyes. This explains why in some cultures people cry and wear black during funerals, while in others (think Jamaica) people dance and celebrate the beautiful life one’s had.

And what about ‘Black Friday’? Have you ever wondered why we use the colour of mourning to describe it? Because the crowds on the streets were causing traffic accidents and violence – hence why people attributed a negative connotation to that day.

Today we see  ‘Black Friday’ in a completely different light. It’s a day when you can buy a lot of great stuff on discount – so it’s happy times, eh? So exactly on that day I challenge you to come up with one quality (stress, sadness) that you have attributed to a certain sphere of your life and try to rephrase it until it gets a positive vibration. You have an ‘awful & scary boss’? Or maybe you ‘find him awful and scary’ and have to adjust the way you see him in order to make your life more stress-free? Just think think think! Rephrase and see what happens! (p.s. I’d love to hear your experience of that exercise).

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