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Dining out With Our Baby at Ernie Hemingway

Philip and I are laid back parents. We dine out every time we get the chance, and Varna was no exception. We were visiting different restaurants every day, but the one that won our hearts was Ernie Hemingway with a terrace overlooking the sea and pretty marvellous interior.  letters-to-a-dining-out3-copy
That’s us when we we’re out. Philip behind the camera, me having a glass of wine, and Sofia taking a quick nap before she found out that we are out and about…you know, she has that duty to win the hearts of everyone around.letters-to-a-dining-out letters-to-a-dining-out1 We went for the Bulgarian way, splurging on seafood and other tasty bits.. The calamari and salmon tartar were the definite winners! Their texture and taste were divine! letters-to-a-ernie-hemingway-copyAnd that’s Philip with his minty shirt that just went great with the interior. Was that planned I wonder? :)) letters-to-a-summer-philip-copyletters-to-a-dining-out12
At a certain point we swapped places so that I could feed Sofia and Philip could enjoy the marvellous view. Normally, when we dine out Sofia eats with us (enjoying what I’ve previously prepared and as a bonus munching on some bread.. SHE LOVES IT ) so that she feels as part of the crew. This makes her very happy, which gives us some more time  to enjoy ourselves. This time she wasn’t really in the best mood as my laughter interrupted her sleep, but thankfully it was still low season, which meant that the restaurant was half-empty. The service was also exceptional! Our waiter made sure that Sofia-Malou was feeling as comfortable as possible so that we could better enjoy our meal. He even went through the trouble to find us mineral water with low mineralization (basically in Bulgaria you don’t drink tab water and the babies drink only Spring water… in most restaurants, though they offer only mineral water) from Norway without charing us for it.letters-to-a-summer-time letters-to-a-summer-copyMarble Watch by Abbott and Mosley (here)

Do you also take your little one with you when you’re having a meal out?

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