I cannot believe what an unproductive week I?ve had. I guess I did underestimate the whole ?starting over? in a new country thing. At first it all felt as a dream, as if I was on a holiday really. Until one morning I just couldn?t find any motivation to get up. Dozens of creative ideas in my head and yet zero inspiration to make them all a reality. I guess that?s the moment I grasped that starting over does require time. And a solid doze of patience: a foreign land for an impatient ?social butterfly? like me. But you know ? one day I was working at a Club being constantly surrounded by people with my phone buzzing pretty much all the time ? and the next ? I was snuggled in bed with only silence filling the air. And while F. and I are here together, I still find it difficult to beat the loneliness and come to terms with how quickly and drastically my life’s changed. Today I?m finding pleasure in things that I used to take for granted. I was hopping like a little child when I got my BIKE, and a month ago I couldn’t even imagine my life without a car. And while I was so used to being out pretty much all the time and investing most of my energy into my friendships, today my energy is redirected back into strengthening my relationship, and into learning new things ? how to cook (yes, I know) cycling and all that. It took me less than a month to grasp that it?s more than naïve to think that when you leave a certain place, the ?relationships? that connect you with your home would remain the same. So, now, knowing that, I?m doing my best to actually focus on the ?now? and on the ?here?. Come on, if I ever want to find my place in the ?hygge?Copenhagen (without much any knowledge of Danish), my mind & thoughts should also be present – here. And while doing my best to do that, I?ve noticed that apart from me being a proud owner of a bike, other things in terms of my lifestyle have also changed. And as I hopped off my bike to stroll down the lane to my flat like the Red Riding Hood with a basket in hand (only that I looked more like the Black riding hood with my black hooded parka) I decided to take a photo of it and share with you a few of the things I?ve been loving lately.
1. Going Sustainable & Organic with GreenFrog Botanic
It was about time really: The 100% pro ?sustainable? and ?organic? attitude of the Danes made me stop and reconsider the beauty products I use and the production process behind the clothes I buy . And just as I was trying to decide on the products I should get, a cute little box was delivered to my door. I had completely forgotten that I had ordered some goodies from GreenFrog Botanic. And there I was tying for the first time their Geranium & Peppermint Hand Wash and Neroli & Lime Body Wash. Well, what could I say apart from ? indulgence for the senses in terms of the scent and a feast for the skin in terms of the magical ingredients used for their creation! I think I?m now completely over the drugstore options (full of chemicals, parabens or sulphates) that I used to get and then wonder how to deal with my overly dry skin (my skin care routine-here). Head over to ?Green Frog Organic? to find out more about the inspiring story of the brand.
2. Black Coffee 

Since I quit drinking dairy milk, I?ve given most vegan alternatives a try and as I shared ?Coconut Rice Milk? has certainly been the winner in terms of taste. However, as I spend most of my time working at coffee shops (here), I had no other choice but get the only vegan option available ? soy milk. Little did I know that my body would end up responding quite negatively to soy (a detailed post coming up soon) and that I would have completely remove it from my diet. So as I was just about to order some herbal tea the other day at the local ‘Kaffe’, I heard someone order Americano. Okay, it was time I gave it a go, I decided. And to be honest. I. Loved. It. It?s such a minimalistic sort of drink (all in tune with the hipster vibes of Copenhagen ? more about it here) which while strong enough to wake up your senses is definitely more enjoyable than a shot of espresso. Also, in terms of healthy living ? it?s certainly a better choice than the full of sugar flavoured lattes. So, yes, I rediscovered black coffee, and while at home I?d opt for the ‘lazy’ instant coffee, when I?m out and about a cup of Americano from now on it will certainly be.
3. Rhubarb

It took me freakin? ages to learn how to spell that and to actually comprehend what that is. So, it turns out that rhubarb is a veggie (if you?re also as oblivious as I was) which kind of looks like celery, though is longer and kinda of red. And you use it mainly for desserts? C. (check out her yummy smoothie recipe here) introduced it to me, aw, WAIT a minute! I just solved the mystery behind the apple crumble I tried when I was in England!When I tasted it, I was more than shocked to find celery in it, which put me off completely from having it EVER again. Well, guess what. It was rhubarb! Gosh? Anyway, today I?m preparing my first ever vegan rhubarb oatmeal crumble. Can?t wait to share with you how my first try went!
P.S. Now enough with the ramble already – it’s Sunday and it’s time for some fun. But meanwhile, don’t forget to share the things you’ve been loving lately.

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