‘One Night Abroad’ and a ‘Hygge’ Outfit Inspired by the Danish Street Fashion

Autumn Haul: Effortlessly Cool and Hip

Autumn Haul: Effortlessly Cool and Hip
For my latest photo shoot I brought together a few black pieces aiming to transform myself and look like a Dane. A hipster Dane, to be more precise. Influenced by the daydreaming thoughts that kept on running through my head about my future life in Copenhagen, the moment my mom and I hit the shops, I ended up stocking my wardrobe with quite a few autumn essentials which, now when I think about it, are more ?hipster? than anything I?ve ever owned.

Crop that top! croptop_hipster

When I went through the entrance of ?Pull & Bear? I
couldn?t fail to notice the vintage touch to their latest collection. From
retro looking denim pieces to oversized floral jumpers ? if the 80’s style is what you’re going for – that?s the place for you. Personally, I went for the ?beatnik? option and got this dark crop top with a tiger peeking through a ?X-frame?. Apparently, it?s gonna be
the bold and da?rrr?ing look for me this season.
And for those of you who haven?t embraced the crop-top
trend, unfortunately, it’s here to stay. And just a quick tip – if you don?t feel comfortable and confident enough to show your belly off, combine your statement crop top with a high waist skirt or high rise pants.
Actually, one of the reasons behind my current obsession with the crop trop trend is my petite figure.
By combining my crop tops with high rise jeans, I’ve finally managed to make myself look taller and leaner. And for a ‘shorty’ like me – that’s reason enough for such an obsession. P.S. After I acknowledged the wonders crops top do, on quite a few occasions I did go a bit overboard, cropping some of my tops at home all by myself. (Alternative from American Eagle Outfitters)

Basic Block Plimsolls

Despite my very efforts in the past to appear feminine and chic, it seems that recently I?ve been more inclined towards the ?masculine? beatnik look – think Audrey Hepburn in ?Funny Face?. I’ve actually ended up replacing my stilettos and pumps with sneakers and lace up boots. Luckily, the platform of the flatform sneakers (here) I found in Pull & Bear also elongate my legs and put my feet at rest. If you wonder how to rock this pair of sneakers and still appear quite feminine – just combine them with a casual skater dress or a skirt (Alternative from Sperry Top-Sider®)

Autumn Knits 

To tell you a little secret, I do NOT get people who wear wool.
Why would anyone wear something that causes itchiness to their skin while meanwhile pretending that they feel cozy and comfortable in it? It?s a complete mystery! So as long as manufacturers keep on knitting wool sweaters, I’ll be wandering around the shops occasionally testing the material
on my cheeks. Yes, for all of you who feel my pain, that?s the easiest way to find out whether a certain sweater would irritate your skin. Luckily, yesterday, I did find a cute cropped and overly soft sweater by Stradivarius (here), which passed my test! It?s such a sweet relief (especially for my mom) that I finally got my hands on a top that will also keep me warm in the chilly autumn days! (Alternative: Forever 21 Chunky Knit Sweater).


Wrap Up!

Digging through the racks of Pull & Bear suddenly an oversized grey hooded sweater (here) caught my eye. When I looked into the prevalent trends this seasons I couldn’t fail to notice how popular the military colours were. However, as I could hardly imagine myself rocking the traditional camouflage, when I found this sweater I was like ‘Hell, yeah!’. It’s a monochrome alternative to the traditional camo pattern! (Alternative: Ace Delivery Bouclé Sweatshirt ). 
To add a splash of colour to it, I also bought this awesome iridescent scarf. However, as I got it from a small independent boutique here is an alternative by Roffe Accessories. 


Ready to Embrace the Khaki?

As I’ve already mentioned, this season it’s all about adding a military touch to your outfits. No wonder why in every other shop I came across loose jackets in khaki. The one I loved best was a Khaki Parka by TRF (Zara). I cannot wait to combine it with shorts, dark tights and lace-up boots. If you’re looking for a similar coat – check out the Everyday Hooded Parka by Forever 21 and ‘Wilbert’ Lightweight Parka by Top Shop.

Lace them up!

To be quite honest, I’ve never been a fan of lace up boots, having regarded them as way too
‘masculine’ for me to wear. I still cannot fully believe that I ended up purchasing a pair from BSB. I guess they’re the final touch to the military look that’s so prevalent this season. If you also wanna rock a pair of boots like these – check out the ‘Troopa’ Boots by Steve Madden. 

What’s the style you’re going for this season? Let me know in the comments below!
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