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A Sneak Peek At My Surprise Baby Shower

letters-to-a-babyOne of the best days of my life. Literally! It turns out that Philip had suggested to my friends to throw me a baby shower, something that’s not trendy in Bulgaria at all. In fact, he wanted to make sure that I could see all of my girlfriends together, having in mind that I no longer have the chance to meet up with them as often as I’d like.
It was our first Sunday in Bulgaria and Philip and I went to have our nails done – yes, I managed to force him – but it turns out he actually liked it! He-he! Anyway I did find it a bit weird that after a night out he had the energy to join me and then spend a whole day out in the city – having food, coffee, and going for a long walk (36 C outside). The same night Eli (MakeUpButHow) was supposed to arrive from her home town to spend a few days with my family. Now thinking back it makes perfect sense why everything revolved around 6PM. Let me explain.
1. Eli was planning to arrive at 6PM and refused to let me pick her up. Someone was giving her a lift to a place she’s never visited before. Hm?
2. My mom kept calling, asking me whether we’ll be home by 6…but she was very uncertain about what we were gonna do for dinner. Hello – Eli was coming!?
3. Philip was very impatient to leave the city when the clock hit 5 PM.
4. Two days before I left Denmark I decided to buy a back up dress for the day after (when Philip and I got married). I thought I’d get a pink one – coz why not – and Eli advised me to buy it because … why not? ‘You can always find an excuse to wear it.’ She said… Now I know why.
When we parked the car in front of the house I was a little bit confused by the number of cars that were parked there (our house is in the mountains… so yeah, a bit weird). And there it was! Eli’s new car! I knew something was up and asked Philip who just cheekily laughed. Everyone was waiting for us behind the house – and not only my girlfriends, but also all my parents’ female friends that I know since I was a baby. Below you can see a few photos from the day – unfortunately it was getting darker by the time we started taking them so here there are the best ones. It was such a thoughtful surprise and I am so grateful to have all these amazing people in my life.  baby_shower_letters_to_a_1Our Amazing Cake Baker – Vicky!!! letters-to-a-shower32letters-to-a-baby-shower1baby-shower-letters-to-aMy mom serving food..letters-to-a-baby-shower23letters_to_a_surprise_baby_showerletters-to-a-baby-shower2baby_shower_letters_to_a3letters-to-a-baby-shower43Have you had a baby shower? How did it go?

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