Three Months Down - Six More to Go or Where Have I Been?

6 Things That Changed For Me During the First Trimester


It’s not a big surprise that pregnancy changes you a lot. But seriously, before it happened to me I haven’t considered even for a second to extent to which it would change my life.

Hyperactivity Revised
I can’t even recall the last time I had a nap before I got pregnant. Coz probably it never happened. Having a productive day meant being on the go since early in the morning until half-way through the night. Then, and only then, I’d feel satisfied enough to allow myself to go to bed.
Currently, I can’t even imagine getting up before 8 and hit the gym straight away. I tried at the beginning to keep up with my hectic schedule of working, blogging, recording videos, going to events and socializing – but nah my body just refused to obey. My energy levels went down close to zero until I finally realised– things were changing and I had to change  accordingly. Mentally I mean. Pressurizing myself to be crazily active would have done no good either to me or the little one growing inside me. So I sleep in, try to (rarely happens) have the occasional nap, and don’t force myself to socialize, just coz’ I feel that something HAS to happen in order to be content with my day. Right now a good day is having a croissant while watching ‘Vikings ‘ snuggled in front of the telly…


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Back to Being Petit 

It’s been three months since I last wore heels. I thought – come on – my belly is still tiny, a pair of heels can do no harm. Right!?
Not! Because of my heels I began having those horrific backaches (up and very close to the neck), and with me working on my feet made things even worse. So here I’m, back to being petit – height-wise, I mean. But hey! It turns out it’s pretty comfy wearing flats when you go for a long stroll around the city.

Stay away, you, Avocado!

Me the healthy living control freak that used to always plan her meals. The ‘me’ that could eat the same dinner for a week and not get in any way bored. That Me no longer exists.

I do try to be as healthy as possible, NOW, but during the first three months the morning sickness all-day sickness wouldn’t allow me to be ‘good’ and I lived on bread and cheese. And I went off my favorite foods – avocado, salmon, and red pepper – even the thought of  them makes my belly utterly unhappy. Actually, everything with oily texture is a nono, and chocolate falls into that category too.
My sweet tooth is now savory and I’d always opt for something like a scone rather than a home-made chocolate cookie.
Also, I’ve been massively craving home-cooked food (and missing my grandmas :D), using stovetop recipes, or trying to make (for the first time in my life!) traditional Bulgarian dishes, most of which cooked in the oven.
If anything though – I can control my cravings. If I feel like ice-cream I can actually wait until the next day to treat myself with it. So I guess pregnancy cravings do exist, but being all crazy about having that pizza exactly now – well, that can be controlled and ultimately a lil’ bit postponed.

Drinking Habits

The wino in me has hidden somewhere very very veeeeery deep. I know that some women keep having the occasional glass of wine all throughout their pregnancy – but seriously, I can’t even think of having alcohol at the moment. I don’t miss it at all and I’m glad to have the excuse to not have any for 6 more months. And who knows? I might actually like that alcohol-free life.
Regarding the non-alcoholic beverages I can’t tolerate anything warm (I even prefer my spouse cold) or anything that tastes of coffee (which I guess only contributes to my tiredness). So now I’m having mainly water, juice, lemonade, and … the occasional milkshake. Seriously, milk-shakes are my thing at the moment. What am I saying? They are THE THING.

Working ‘down’

Yeah, I do try to visit the gym as often as possible, but I enjoy walking much more. So the days when I don’t want to go and workout behind close doors and feel my lungs with dust, I go for long and enjoyable walks. Plus I still haven’t found any comfy workout ‘pregnancy’ clothes so if you have any suggestions – please please please share them with me.

Zero Tolerance

I really try, but like I really do, to stay all cool, calm and collected, and not that it’s difficult to do so – sometimes it’s PURELY IMPOSSIBLE. Full-stop. When something or someone annoys me I snap. And after I snap I cry, and after I cry I laugh, and then in an hour this could potentially repeat all over again just coz the thought of the situation has popped back again… I used to think that women take advantage of the whole pregnancy thing and use it as an excuse to get what they want.
But listen to me, when I ask you something don’t pose questions back – okay? It will save quite a lot of pointless drama. And YES I realise that it’s nothing more than that.

And you? In what ways has pregnancy changed you during the first three months?


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