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‘365 Party’ And a Night Out Outfit

?365 Party? and a Night Out Outfit
I know what you?re thinking.
365 days of partying?
That’s crazy man!
She?s crazy!

As much as I?d love this, 365 days of dancing, sipping cocktails and never-ending banter, the digits are referring to something else.
365?s no longer associated only with the calendar year.
The number also stand for Club 365, a lovely place situated right in the heart of Sofia. 
And while during the day its vintage design and friendly atmosphere make it the perfect place to grab a coffee with friends, when the lights go off and a DJ jumps behind the booth, it turns into a full on club.
Last week ‘365’ celebrated its 4th Birthday in 4 consequent days /talking about never-ending partying/ with Friday Night – the culmination of the celebrations.
Prior to the evening I hit the shops in hopes of finding some signature pieces to rock the dance floor in! Knowing how difficult it is to hold a proper conversation in a club, I resolved to pull of an outfit that would emphasise my personality.
A few years back I?d simply go for a head-to-toe black ensemble. Period. It was the ‘night out uniform’ my friends and I always wore and sadly made us blend in with the crowd. 
So Much For That. The all black night out outfits are buried in the past! 
Just check out my outfit! I did go for something quirkier that would make me stand out and also hint to my positive and overly communicative personality.

Skirt: Double Face Skirt Pull & Bear Alternative: Ali Express High Waist Flared Pleated Skirt
Top: Printed T-shirt Pull & Bear  Alternative: Forever 21 No Crying in Fashion Tank
Jacket: Independent Boutique Alternative: Southwest Bound Denim Jacket Forever 21
and Topshop Moto Crop Denim Jacket
Shoes: Kristina Stilettos by Aldo Alternative: Topshop ‘Gallop’ Patent Pointy Toe Pump
Accessories: Independent Boutique Alternative: Topshop Statement Necklace

When I stumbled upon this Pull & Bear skirt (here) (made from foam plastic, could you imagine?) I immediately saw myself rocking some moves in it. 
And there it was, the cute little thing, folded and placed in my shopping bag!
If you’re also loving the skirt, beware that the material adds a lot of volume below the waist. For the opposite effect, go for a pleated skirt with a looser fit (here).
To create the perfect combo, I got this dark ashy (blue-purplish) tee (here) with graphics matching the colour of the skirt. And frankly, the final result looked more like a dress than a two-piece ensemble.
To complete the look I chose a vintage-looking cropped denim jacket, oversized shades, and stilettos to elongate my legs. 
The only thing I didn?t really considered was the cake that I had to bring out to the guests later on in the night. My skirt did go through a quick DIY session! When the cake was off my hands most of its icing was on my skirt. 
Was it worth it?
Hell, yeah! 




Credit: Dimiter Kalinovsky 

What’s your favourite outfit choice for a night out in the city? Let me know in the comments below.


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