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3 Cool Baby Brands or The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Baby You Know

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBefore giving birth I had no idea, which baby brands or items were considered cool to get for a baby I knew if I was headed to a baby birthday party or Christmas at a friend. It wasn’t until I began receiving presents for Sofia that I discovered some exceptionally cool baby brands/items that I’m sharing with you today. It’s the 1st of December and there is not long left until we have to exchange the much anticipated Christmas presents.

Cati Mini
A friend of mine surprised me with the coolest onsie ever by the french brand Cati Mini We both fell in love with the onsie – yep, Sofia-Malou can’t stop staring and smiling at it the sight of the dots, which stand in stark contrast with the lemon colour. Actually, apart from the unique design and eye-catching details, it is exactly the bold yellow that made me fall in love with the piece. There aren’t many brands out there that are willing to ditch the pastels and go for something crazy when it comes to baby clothes. So if you’re looking for a fashionable present that will leave a lasting impression, you might want to considering buying a piece by Cati Mini (especially if the mom fashionista and constantly takes photos of her baby, wearing stylish outfits ;))letters-to-a-catiminiletters-to-a-cati-miniTrumpette
Who knew that baby socks could be fashionable, fun and exceptionally cool? Well, I personally didn’t until I received a few pairs by Trumpette, an American high-end brand for baby socks. The designs are bold, contemporary, and unique – so every time you see a pair by the brand, you can’t mix it up with anything else – you just know its Trumpette. The socks featured in the photo above are also by Trumpette… but only wait until you see the ones below!

letters-to-a-trumpette Batz Kids
Batz Kids milestone blankets enable you to document your baby’s growth with photographs in a fun and memorable way. I received Sofia-Malou’s blanket from a friend and I’ve been taking cute photos of Sofia, enjoying every second of it. When Vicky gave me the present I immediately began imagining what type of photos I’d be taking on it. A great present for a creative mom  or a blogger. hehe. sofia-2months-blog
Which are you favourite cool baby brands?

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