We Go Baby Swimming and Partying, I mean kinda…

letters-to-a-baby-swimmingIn today’s vlog we’re going back in time again to see Sofia-Malou joining her first swimming class with her daddy. This time I was only taking photos and cheering 🙂 Then we went to celebrate Philip’s father who had 40 years anniversary since the establishment of his company! 40 years? Freakin’ impressive, especially having in mind that he build it all by himself. With this vlog we’re getting closer to actually making the bridge between the past and the changes we’re going through now.

funnnnTo see more click here.
PS. That’s Sofia-Malou’s auntie (P.’s sister)… and to be honest they look much more alike than Sofia and I. Seriously, people thought I was the auntie…!
But that’s okay. Mommy under cover. hehe
Lots of love,


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